Love Story: Lizzie & Guillermo

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We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Lizzie Guillermo, who were married June 17th, 2017.

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When and how did you meet?

We met in law school, in February 2015. We were out one night with mutual friends, and within a few minutes of meeting each other, Guillermo held Lizzie’s hand. It was snowing and he claimed he didn’t want her to slip!

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for one year before Guillermo popped the question.

How did he propose?

Guillermo took me to dinner at an Italian restaurant during Spring Break in Lake Worth, FL. At the end of dinner, he abruptly got up and I asked if he was going to the bathroom. Guillermo said yes, and a few minutes later, he arrived at the table with a waiter behind him. The waiter put a small chocolate cake on the table, and told me to eat the candy topping off the cake first, because it was an old Italian tradition. Being Italian, I protested that I had never heard of such a tradition. After a gentle kick from Guillermo under the table, I took the candy off of the cake and found a beautiful ring inside. Before I knew what was happening, Guillermo immediately bent down on one knee and popped the question.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married at Gesu Church in Miami, FL. Guillermo is from Miami and he and I were both raised Catholic, so they picked the oldest Catholic Church in Miami.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

We picked navy blue and light pink, because we wanted to incorporate both of our favorite colors.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We spent a week in Charleston, South Carolina, eating amazing Southern food, touring Plantations, and taking carriage rides.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I initially chose Wonderland Bridal because of their magnificent Stella York collection, and then spoke to Patti on the phone. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable both on the phone, and later in the store.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

My experience with Wonderland Bridal was nothing short of fantastic. I had my dress made custom length, and Patti did an amazing job of making it just the right length. Every time I entered the store, everyone was so pleasant and welcoming! Patti was very organized and upfront with information relating to timing of my order, sizing, and pricing. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part of my wedding day was after we said our vows, our photographer asked us to meet her on Biscayne Blvd in our limo. We took a long romantic walk and got a few quite minutes to ourselves while she snapped some incredible photos!

Photos by Bells & Whitles Photography.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

  1. Flowers: If you are wanting a specific kind (i.e. cascading flowers), make sure you are very clear with your florist about this!
  2. Cake: Eda’s Cakes in Miami did a wonderful job! The amaretto cake was delicious and looked so elegant!
  3. Photographer: Bells & Whitles Photography did an exceptional job – they are a fun, upbeat, and creative married couple!
  4. Make sure you bring a bridesmaid or a family member to learn how to bustle the dress!
  5. Be sure to take a minute in the middle of all the excitement to take in the moment and enjoy the occasion together – just the two of you!

Love Story: Erica & John

Erica Dietz print-434

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Erica & John, who were married July 1st, 2017.

Erica Dietz print-147

When and how did you meet?

July of 2009 through mutual friends. We starting dating in January 2012.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

2 years and 10 months. we bought a house after dating a year and a half though.

How did he propose?

I had a birthday brunch with friends and family in Fort Lauderdale, he decided last minute to propose to me at the restaurant and just could not wait until our vacation to NYC.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

The Church by the Sea in downtown Fort Lauderdale, and our reception was at the Josephine Leiser Opera Center.. The Opera center was sold weeks before, so we were the last wedding or event to be held there. The church and venue allowed me to customize and plan every single detail the way that I wanted.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

My colors were white and silver, I didn’t exactly have a theme, but I would call it classic and elegant. I had little diamonds and candles on every table with white and silver china place settings and white roses in silver vases.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Italy and Greece- Rome, Mykonos, and Athens.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I wanted to find something unique and that could make a statement. I had a horrible experience at a different bridal store, and not only did I rush but settled on something that was bland and not me. Wonderland Bridal made me my dreams come true. I was showered with compliments about my dress during my entire reception.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

I had less than 4 months until my wedding and was panicking, Alicyn got me an appointment right away, stayed in my budget, and was patient yet honest with me as I tried different dresses on. I picked out and ordered my dream dress during that very appointment.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It is so difficult to pick a particular moment, but I think when my husband was reading his personally written vows to me, he literally was choked up and staring into my eyes.

Photos by Christian Saab

19554831_10154644150131016_6109995241865465156_n19642617_1351996741552406_220027376502458071_nErica Dietz print-67(1)Erica Dietz print-193

  1. Flowers: Honey Bunch Florist
  2. Cake: We Take the Cake
  3. Catering: Hugh’s Catering
  4. Entertainment: NY Sounds DJ & Entertainment
  5. Invitations:
  6. Wedding Planner: none
  7. Hair: Hair by Shani Gottlieb
  8. Make Up: Makeup Omg by Lee (Shatil)
  9. Videographer: none
  10. Decor: myself 🙂

Love Story: Lauren & Tommy


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Lauren & Tommy, who were married July 30th, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

I was going to college in Fort Myers, FL when my Aunt who lived in Atlanta, GA asked me to come and visit during the summer of 2011. I decided it would be nice to get away while I was between classes, so I took a trip to Georgia without any clue that I would soon meet my husband! I told my Aunt that if I was going to stay for a few months, I would need to get connected with a church. That’s where I found 12Stone church in Lawrenceville, GA, and began attending on Tuesday’s college nights. I’ve noticed Tommy around, and remember thinking “He’s so cute! Maybe I’ll get to meet him one of these days!”. Well… One Tuesday night, after about a month of attending I was hanging with a small group of new friends that I had made. We were hanging by the bottom of the stair case at the front of the church, when Tommy made his way over. I noticed that he was talking to one of my new friends (but by the looks of it, someone he’s known for years), and kept looking my way. I’m not going to lie, I was getting giddy just thinking about finally meeting him! Next thing I know, he’s walking towards me, put’s his hand out to shake mine, and says “Hi my name is Tommy!”. I responded back, “Hi, my name is Lauren,” with which I am sure was the biggest grin ever! Little did I know, that was the beginning of our forever! Years later, Tommy admitted to me that the first thing he noticed was my back side. Then added, it was a bonus that my front side was just as nice, and that’s why he introduced himself. Yup, that’s my husband! (You might have guessed.. I had decided to stay in Georgia permanently). 🙂

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for 3 1/2 years before he proposed, and we were engaged for a year!

How did he propose?

It was July 24, 2016, on Sunday morning. We were headed to church. The same church we met at 5 years prior. It also happened to by my moms birthday, who passed away back in 2013. Right after service, we went up to the pastor to say hi, and then made our way out. Keep in mind, this church is a huge church with hundreds of people.. As we were leaving, I noticed that it was extra crowded trying to get out. Tommy takes my hand and starts pushing through the crowd, walking faster and faster. I couldn’t figure out why. I thought maybe he just didn’t want to wait through it. As we make our way to the front of the church, all of a sudden I see a big opening in the crowd and as I look down, I notice rose petals on the floor where we met for the very first time. Immediately, I pulled back for a quick moment in shock, but slowly made my way to the spot where he would ask me to be his wife. I was shaking, and crying so much! He looked at me and said, “Are you ready?”, and I shook my head yes. He get’s down on one knee, and asks, “Will you Marry me?!”.. I said, “Of course I will!”. Later, I find out that he used my moms diamonds from her ring and Tennis bracelet to create my ring. I couldn’t have imagined a better, or more meaningful proposal!

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We got married at Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, North Carolina. Tommy use to work at Medieval Times as a knight, and he’s very much into the medieval era so I knew that we would want something royal like. I looked in Georgia first, but couldn’t find what we had in mind until we stumbled upon this venue. We instantly fell in love! It had a beautiful Castle, and a stunning ballroom with glass windows from the floor up that reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast ballroom (which is also my favorite movie). It was perfect for the both of us!

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

We had a medieval themed wedding with a touch of Beauty and the Beast. Our colors were burgundy, black and gold. Choosing our colors was probably the most difficult, but we decided that these colors worked together very well with our theme.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to St. Lucia!!! I miss it everyday! If you go, you must stay at the Grande St. Lucian. By far the best sandals property among the three that are on the island.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

My sisters live in Florida, so I thought it would be nice to go dress shopping with them while I was visiting.  I came down during Thanksgiving, and we were actually not suppose to start dress shopping until  we came back down for Christmas in December. However, my sisters convinced me to go to this one bridal shop that’s down the street from there house “just to get an idea”, but not to buy. So I caved.  After a few dresses, I was worried it might be more difficult then I thought it would be. Then came the 7th dress. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! It was THE dress! With the help of the staff I was able to find a dress I had no intentions of finding. I am so happy that I decided to go that day. It also helps that Wonderland Bridal was so accommodating, and knowledgeable! They also did an amazing job making me feel special, and like I was a one of a kind Bride!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Seeing the man of my dreams at the end of the isle as those doors opened up. I’m about to cry just thinking about it!

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

I thought that after reading many blogs and advice columns, WeddingWire, The Knot, etc; that I would know better than to stress. That was the biggest advice given.. to be IN the moment! Learn to breathe, and so on.. I thought I prepared myself to make it the happiest non stressful day ever. I mean I had months to prepare right!? Wrong! I still freaked out, ran out of breath, cried my eyelashes off before I even walked down the isle, and completely forgot that I was the bride and NOT a wedding critique. So now that I am past the wedding, I will go on to say what so many others did.. Breathe! Be in the moment, and most importantly, remember… it’s not about what went wrong, but what went right! And that’s having the man of your dreams standing up there ready to marry YOU! Not the flowers on the isle that ended up being the wrong color.. Because I wasn’t strong enough to keep reminding myself of all those things the advice columns kept telling me to.. Going back, I would of told my bridal party to make sure I don’t freak out. Telling them to make sure I breathe.. That is what they are there for, and tell them now so that you have the support system when your big day finally gets here! 🙂

Photos by Bert Reed Photography


Wedding Vendor Tips!

Flowers: I’d recommend seeing a picture of EXACTLY what your bouquet(s) will look like before your wedding day, save it, and make them sign off on it completely understanding what is expected. I ordered my and told them greenery and pointed to a picture. I guess they figured any greenery will do, and gave me what looked like dead awful greenery for my bridesmaids bouquets.

Cake: Again, just be extremely detailed with what you are wanting. Don’t leave any details uncovered.

Catering: If your caterer is suppose to bring you food during cocktail hour while you are taking pictures.. Ask that they make sure the food is warm and not cold.   

Entertainment: Look at their reviews! If it’s a large company that is sending out a a DJ, find out as much as you can on that person as an individual, aside from the company.

Invitations: Make sure to proof read, and shop around! There are many companies that sell invites, and you can find some great prices! Or look into making your own!

Wedding Planner: Did not have one, but wish I did looking back.

Hair & Makeup: Don’t be afraid to say what YOU want! If you are doing a trial, take advantage and figure out what it is that you want! Don’t leave until you are happy with it. 

Videographer: Make sure that if they make your video, and your not happy with something, that they are accommodating by making the necessary changes.

Love Story: Blair & Elton


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Blair-Tiffany & Elton, who were married June 15th, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

We met in September 2015 while working for the same company but in different departments. I was still in training and he was sitting with my training group to answer any questions. Apparently, I wasn’t very nice to him when he asked if I needed help.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for 6 months.

How did he propose?

We liked to take monthly trips around Florida. In July, we had a trip to Naples planned. We were originally supposed to go to the beach when we arrived but the weather wasn’t too great. We also had a beautiful room and I wanted to stay in. The balcony wasn’t as large as it appeared in the photos and he was upset about that. He is very easy-going and things like that never bother him. He convinced me to go to dinner and as we were getting ready he kept complaining about his pants and how you could see everything in his pockets. I started to get suspicious at this point as his usually calm demeanor was quite the opposite. After dinner, he asked again if I wanted to go to the beach but I knew the sand would be wet so I declined. We got back to the hotel and he started to pace. He walked from the living room to the bedroom back to the living. He then asks me to come out on the balcony. We were out there for less than 3 minutes before he said, “No this won’t work let’s go back inside”. At this point, I know what’s about to happen. I sat on the couch and he asked me to stand up. I am a slight jerk, so I asked why and slightly annoyed he said just do it Blair. He got down on one knee while his hands were shaking harder than I’ve ever seen. He told me the reasons he loved me and asked me to be his wife.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We got married at the Addison and when I walked in, I knew it was perfect. I wanted an outdoor wedding but we live in South Florida where heat is a problem. The big Banyan trees provide the perfect amount of shade with a breeze off the intercostal.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Our colors were Eggplant, Navy & Gold. Our theme was elegant vintage.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to Grenada. We stayed at the Sandals Resort.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I went to a bridal show in Boynton Beach and made an appointment that day because they were having a contest.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

I ended up buying my dress from them because Alyson was willing to find a dress that I liked that they didn’t carry even though it meant losing my business. Those things matter. This industry has become so business-like to the point where vendors forget that this is someone’s special day. We went through the dresses she had and I fell in love with another Stella York dress.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Honestly the first look. Elton and I got to experience that moment together. It was just the two of us, we got to be present with each other before the ceremony. We took our photos and there was no pressure, it was amazing.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Do what’s best for you and your fiancé. Everyone is going to be giving you advice but in the end the only opinions that matter are yours and your fiancés.

Photos by Dolce Photography

Please specify any that apply…

  1. Cake: Publix
  2. Catering: The Addison
  3. Entertainment: Kenny Mondo DJ’s (Matthew was our actual DJ)
  4. Invitations: Wedding Divas
  5. Wedding Planner: Me
  6. Hair: Me
  7. Make Up: All Dolled Up 
  8. Photographer: Dolce Photography 
  9. Videographer: Dolce Videography 

DP__6028wedding photo


Love Story: Precious & Theodore

PThe - 0030-L

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Precious & Theodore, who were married April 14th, 2017.

PThe - 0954-L

When and how did you meet?

We met online through a dating website June 2010.
How long did you date before he popped the question?
We were on and off (in a long distance relationship) for about 5 years before he proposed.
How did he propose? 
He proposed on a sunset cruise in Miami, He insisted I drink a glass of red wine, even though I do not like red wine lol. I guess I was taking too long to drink it because he was very adamant that I go ahead and drink it. So when I did I saw something shiny at the bottom of the glass, I thought I was just seeing things but it was a gorgeous diamond engagement ring when I turned to look at him he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was a little tipsy and shocked so I could say at the time was “You are such a butt-hole, Yes I will marry you”.
Where were you married and how did you choose the place?
We married at the beautiful Delray Beach Golf Club, after months of disappointing and exhausting searching for a venue I was up at 2am online just googling wedding things and came across a website for venues in FL. out of the blue. Delray Beach Golf Club was on there so I set an appointment and the rest is history.
What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?
We had a tropical themed wedding, main colors were fuchsia and orange. My husband (from the Virgin Islands) wanted a beach wedding and I wasn’t really feeling a beach wedding. After many many colors and themes we decided after going to the venue that a tropical themed/color wedding would be the best. The venue has really beautiful lush green landscapes and views
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Unfortunately we did not go on our honeymoon yet, We decide to wait until out 1st wedding anniversary to go on a honeymoon. That way it gives us even more time to save up and be able to stay longer and really enjoy ourselves. Which we were really glad we did because we were exhausted days after the wedding. But we will be going to Fiji for our honeymoon/anniversary.
Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?
I chose Wonderland Bridal for my dress because the moment I walked in I felt in my gut that this was the place. I’ve searched from Jacksonville to Orlando to Miami for my wedding dress and did not find anything that made me feel the way I felt when I chose my dress at Wonderland Bridal. The weird thing is that I received an email from Wonderland Bridal one day and at this point I was crying and stressed that I wasn’t going to find a dress so when I received the email I was like this was my last time going to another place and it was located less than 10 minutes from where I lived! This was heaven sent.
Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.
My experience at Wonderland Bridal was amazing!!!!!! Alicyn and Patti are the most amazing beautiful women I’ve ever met. I felt good walking in they treated me professionally and helped me with every question and concern I had. I’ve been to several places that doesn’t have good peoples skills, ignored me, acted as if they couldn’t be bothered and was very disrespectful of the size dress I needed. I only received the very best service and treatment going to Wonderland Bridal. I would recommend everyone to go to Wonderland Bridal I really felt like I was important to them.
What was the bets part of your wedding day? 
The best part of my wedding would have to be the vows between my husband and I and getting all glamorous. The make-up, hair, getting dressed and pictures were spectacular. The best feeling in the world. 
Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?
Advice I would give to future couples planning a wedding would be try not to too stressed out, it all works out in the end and always do your homework. Ask questions and comparison shop. Know what you are paying for.


Photos by Ron Wood

Love Story: Kelsey & Chad


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Kelsey & Chadwick, who were married April 13th, 2017 at The Addison in Boca Raton.


When and how did you meet?

Chad and I met November 11th, 2015 thanks to my cousin, and a monkey. My cousin, who worked with Chad, thought we would be a good match. To get me to come by the office and meet him, my cousin invited me to come see the new office pet…a kinkajou. When I arrived, who was holding the kinkajou? My future husband!

How long did you date before he popped the question?

Chad and I started dating January 2nd 2016 and he proposed 11 months later on October 23rd.

How did he propose?

To say Chad knows me well is an understatement. He knew I would be so wrapped up in planning his 30th birthday, that I would not notice he was actually planning our engagement for the same day. I thought I was surprising him by taking him to one of our favorite spots in Palm Beach, but when we arrived at Bethesda-by-the-Sea (a church with beautiful grounds) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.     ]

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married at The Addison in Boca Raton, Florida. The moment we pulled up to this venue, we felt so at peace (which is a rare feeling when you’re planning a wedding in 5 months!). We instantly knew we wanted to get married there.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Because our wedding was in Spring, we stuck with blush pinks and succulent greens. And while we didn’t have a theme, we were married under two large Banyan trees in the Addison courtyard and the image of trees carried through our wedding on our invitations and favors.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to St. Lucia and stayed at the Sandals La Toc resort. We loved it!!

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

My sister found Wonderland Bridal on and read the rave reviews. Sure enough, I found my dress at Wonderland Bridal on the first try and never had to look anywhere else!

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

Coming from a Hispanic background, its rare to travel anywhere without a large group of family members in tow. When I came to Wonderland Bridal I had my sister, mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, cousin, and aunt with me. Even with such a big, feisty group, Wonderland Bridal gave us a VIP experience! We had mimosas and enjoyed ourselves so much!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part of my wedding day was seeing Chad at the end of the aisle and knowing that when we walk back down the aisle together, we never have to be apart again.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Start from the end and work your way back! Think about what is most important to you and your fiancé, write it down and strive to make decisions with those priorities in mind. 

Photos by Two Cents Photography


  1. Flowers: Ana Trujilo
  2. Cake: Publix
  3. Catering: The Addison
  4. Entertainment: Custom DJ Services
  5. Invitations: Minted
  6. Wedding Planner:
  7. Hair: Carolyn Jones Hair and Makeup
  8. Make Up: Carolyn Jones Hair and Makeup
  9. Videographer: Two Cents Photography


Fall 2017 Bridal & Wedding Trends

fall wedding trends (1)

Let’s start today’s blog post with information about our latest sale! Our FALL IN LOVE BRIDAL SALE begins September 22nd and runs through September 30th.


-Select wedding gowns starting at $200
-Special savings on bridesmaid dresses for bridal parties of 5+
-Mother of the Bride dresses starting at $99
-All Bridal accessories discounted 50-75% off


Space is limited so schedule your private appointment in advance and Fall in Love with your wedding dress for LESS!

In most places, September brings a change in the air and a change in personal style. Just like all seasons, fall has its ever-changing trends in the wedding industry as well. Fall weddings bring a deeper (and darker) meaning to florals, greenery and bold statements.


At Wonderland Bridal, we are committed to keeping you up-to-date with the seasonal trends surrounded around all things bridal. Believe it or not, we are in peak wedding season in South Florida. August through December are some of the most popular months to get married down here. Is it the lack of humidity, or could it be the love for the bold fall colors that have brides racing to the altar during these months?

Stella York



Similar to spring, fall brides will continue to embrace off-the-shoulder gowns, plunging necklines and dresses with sleeves. As mentioned in previous posts, these are the go-to styles for the entire year of 2017 – not just limited to seasons. Brides love the fact that they can flatter their arms and upper body with these sexy and sweet styles.

Allure Couture



Bridal Fashion Week also brought in a new movement of wedding dresses. A movement of ruffles, feathers, and tiered skirts.

Cascading ruffles are perfect for a fall whimsical wedding, bringing a twist to the traditional “romantic wedding dress”.

Stella York



Tiered skirts make quite the “ball gown” statement. If this is the look you’re going for, our new fall arrivals will be just what you’re looking for.

Allure Couture



Stella York



Sleeves were also a huge focus for designers this season. Our favorite “sleeve-inspired” dresses are all about lace. Lace is a trend that will never leave the bridal industry and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Sincerity Bridal



Let’s talk about billowing bishop sleeves, because that seemed to get a lot of attention during Bridal Fashion Week as well. This is a trend we aren’t 100% on board with just yet. It brings us back to the days of when our grandparents’ got married, which doesn’t always have to be a bad thing – if done right. A dress with billowing bishop sleeves is a brave high-fashion move that can quickly turn into Betty White’s hand-me-down dress from the movie, The Proposal. If you’re a 2018-2019 bride-to-be, expect the year of the “bell sleeve” a toned down version of the billowing bishop sleeve. Stay tuned for those…

Fall brides should expect to see bridesmaid dresses in jewel-toned color palettes in Wonderland. The most popular bridesmaid dress colors of fall 2017 range of plum to burgundy. These darker colors naturally bring out the change of season, while the pastels remain in spring.



In addition to these darker tones, we have hues of blues from Sorella Vita’s newest Mikado and Nouveau Sequin Collections, that have an icy glacier color combination.

9058_alt4-530x84521761530_1401579919955785_4811427908717561058_nStella Rufffle2

Rest assured, bridesmaid dresses with gold, silver and metallic beading are here to stay. They flooded the bridal runways as more and more brides embrace the “mix and match” trend. Here are some of our favorites in Wonderland.


Off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are one of the most popular dresses of the season. Every bride is in complete awe when she see’s her best girls try these styles on in Wonderland.


Other fall wedding trends to be on the lookout for…

So much greenery, or as one of our recent brides called it “whimsical AF”. Now more than ever, brides want the “fairytale in forest” feel with embellish greenery and bold garden-like statements. Think hanging floral centerpieces and succulents that bring dimension to your table settings.

While on the subject of greenery, paper invitations, programs and place cards are now being replaced with leaves. One of our favorite artists, Jenny of ChickadeeDixie, provides preserved Magnolia leaves with handwritten names in gold ink on the leaves.


Be on the lookout for these fall wedding trends as you attend weddings this season!

First comes baby (bump) then comes marriage!

Untitled design (59)So, you’re a pregnant bride-to-be or bridesmaid and you don’t know the first thing about shopping for your baby bump, let alone DRESS shopping for your baby bump. Have no fear, this is a topic our bridal stylists are very educated about.

Let’s start with the brides…

DON’T STRESS! This is something we tell all of our brides, but for you we REALLY mean it. Treat yourself to prenatal yoga or spa days leading up to your wedding to help manage stress and get you mentally prepared for the big day. Wedding planning is stressful on it’s own, add a baby on the way and you’ve hit the mother-load.

For those of you dress shopping with a pregnant bride-to-be, we went to the pregnancy experts for advice. “Pregnancy brings on so many changes, physically and emotionally. Dress shopping with a pregnant bride or bridesmaid might present some unique challenges. Make sure to be sensitive to her needs,” Lisa Marie Raynor, Owner and Founder of Coral Springs Doula


COMMUNICATE WITH US! The best thing you can do is plan ahead, so it’s important to mention that you’re pregnant when you call us to make your initial appointment. We have an array of sizes we can order to accommodate your growing bump. Take advantage of panels and corset styles that can easily be loosened or tightened.

View More:

FLAUNT THE BUMP!  Let’s face it, not everyone looks good in certain bridal styles and materials. Do what’s best for your body and your bump. Silk jersey, (some) laces and english netting will give you more of a stretch and shape your silhouette the right way. Based on your body type, look for a dress that hugs your curves and flatters the rest of your body. We always recommend dresses that highlight your shoulders and neckline as they tend to be the most flattering.



BUMP COVER UP! If you’re newly pregnant or don’t want your guests knowing your pregnant, we have a solution for you too! An empire waist is always a style we recommend to our brides trying to hide their baby bump. Look for dresses that have a lace or tulle overlay, this fabric will give an illusion of the lace as a design and take the focus away from the lower part of your figure.  Choose a fabric that has stretch to it, opposed to something stiff like taffeta or satin.



SIZE UP! It takes about 4-6 months to receive your wedding dress once it’s ordered, which means your belly will have grown a lot more during that period of time, not to mention when you put it on on your wedding day. “The general rule of thumb is to add an inch to each measurement for each remaining month of pregnancy from now until your wedding date,” says maternity style blogger Becca Daniels. Pay attention to how your body changes. Some women carry wide, while other women carry outward, so pay attention to those signs, so it’s that much easier for you when you go to get alterations.

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WEAR THE RIGHT SHOES! We can’t stress this enough to our brides as it is, but if you’re pregnant, this is a necessity. Your belly isn’t the only thing that grows when you’re pregnant, you have probably started to notice your hands and feet growing as well. Dress for comfort! More often than not your wedding dress will cover your shoes anyway, so look for a stylish shoe with comfort with a lot of support and small heel.

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Okay bridesmaids, you’re up!


SIZE UP! You will find a lot of these tips are similar to what we mentioned for our brides, because it’s all relevant. As bridal stylists, we will take your exact measurements and most likely add an inch (or two) to those measurements to play it safe. Remember, it’s much easier to get dresses taken in than out.


TIMING! It’s no secret that pregnant bodies can change drastically overnight, so timing is everything when ordering your bridesmaid dress. Typically, bridesmaid dresses are ordered 5-6 months before the wedding. We recommend ordering them during this time period, but waiting until you are as close to the wedding as possible for alterations.


WONDERLAND BRIDESMAIDS HAVE IT EASY! Not to toot our own horn, but…toot toot! Our Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Collection is not only one of the best collections out there, they’re also the most versatile. Gone are the days of the ugly bridesmaid dresses. Now more than ever, brides want their besties to look and feel their best on her wedding day. Not only that, but more and more brides are letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses these days. If you’re lucky enough to have a bride like that, than choose a dress that has an empire waist. Chiffon fabric is always the most flattering choice and particularly forgiving.

We interviewed one of our formerly pregnant bridesmaids, Lindsey Waibl, and she had some great advice to give during photos. “You’re going to go through a lot of body changes that are eye opening and new to you, and you want to look just as good as the girl standing next to you,” said Lindsey.


DON’T STRESS! We’ve seen it all; brides that couldn’t be happier their bridesmaids are pregnant and brides that are visibly annoyed their bridesmaids are pregnant. Don’t let them make you feel bad for a single second. A lot of brides have expectations of how each and every moment leading up to their wedding will be.


If you’re a Maid of Honor stressing over bridal shower/bachelorette planning, delegate! Delegate tasks to other bridesmaids to take the pressure off of you. If you have less than enthusiastic bridesmaids willing to help, reach out to party planning companies. For example, companies like the Bachelorette Boutique will do all the work for you! The Bachelorette Boutique takes ALL the stress out of planning bachelorette parties by offering an easy online booking system that invoices the girls separately. That means you’re not fronting the bill and tracking down the rest of the group for payment, they do all of that for you! They tailor the perfect bachelorette experience around your bride’s tastes and favorite things to do! We’ve worked with them in the past and highly recommend their services.


Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of being pregnant during this exciting time, but try your best not to! Embrace your growing belly and enjoy this extremely special time in your life.

Love Story: Dawn & Tobias


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Dawn & Tobias, who were married May 27th, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend on my 26th birthday in 2014 downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I invited her to come out and celebrate and she asked if she could bring the “new” guy at work since he was new to town.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We didn’t start dating until about 5 months after we met. We were dating about a year and a half before he popped the question.

How did he propose?

He proposed at a waterfall on a hike in South Carolina. We were supposed to go to a waterfall lookout but they hadn’t pruned the trees yet so we did the actual hike to the waterfall completely unprepared. We ended up doing a 10 mile hike that day with 2 bottles of water!
Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married on Pompano Beach, FL and I picked the location because we have a family beach house there. I knew from when I was a little girl that that’s where I wanted to get married. Tobias and I also shared our very first kiss on that beach.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

My theme for the wedding was beachy rustic which is our style as a couple. We chose the colors tan, dusty blue, a muted peach, a coraly pink, and a seafoam green. I know they sound like a crazy mixture but together they are very beachy!
Where did you go for your honeymoon?

That is still up in the air where we are going. My husband travels for work so we are just trying to figure out when and where we can go.
Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

They had my dress. I went to around a dozen different stores before to try on dresses. Some had tops that I loved and some had bottoms that I loved but none that I loved the entire dress. Wonderland actually had 2 similar dress that I loved but one stood out a little more than the other with the detailing be more me and my style.
Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

They were great! Very attentive and helpful!
What was the best part of your wedding day?

Getting to spend it with everyone that we love at the place where it all started.
Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Unless you have tons of time on your hands, still seek a professional to help you because a wedding is not like a normal party. There are more facets than you realize and having all the small personal touches is what makes your day unique as well as what you remember. Also, enjoy your day. It goes by too quickly. Almost on fast forward.

Photos by Love Meets Life Photography.

Please specify any that apply…

  1. Flowers: Consider silk for outdoor wedding for part of your decor. We only used real flowers on table because we knew it would be too hot for the flowers to make it through the whole wedding.
  2. Cake: We did Publix. They do a great job and are worth throwing into places to check out.
  3. Catering: We chose our favorite restaurant, Little Havanas in Deerfield Beach. Pick something that you both love!
  4. Entertainment: We did a live band which brought soooo much more energy than a DJ can and everyone loved it.
  5. Invitations: We ended up ordering online
  6. Photographer: Love Meets Life Photography


Love Story: Tyler & Austin


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Tyler & Austin, who were married May 6th, 2017.

When and how did you meet?

Austin and I met one June night after the Miami Heat had just won the national championship, we were both out celebrating and met through a mutual friend. He got my number right away and we have been together ever since.


How long did you date before he popped the question?

3 years.

How did he propose?

We had just bought our first home together a few months prior.. We were having a yard day and literally did yard work all day. When we finished up Austin suggested we go grab margaritas and Mexican at one of our favorite local spots. We showered and got all ready and before we left he told me he wanted to take a “selfie” in front of the windmill I had given him for our 3 year anniversary which was set up in our back yard (we live on a small ranch). As we walked over there to take our picture he took my hand and got down on one knee, I couldn’t believe it! He told me to look around at our beautiful home and said this was his favorite place in the whole world to be with me and couldn’t imagine proposing anywhere else in the world. After I said yes I saw our family and friends cheering from the sidelines and taking pictures! We celebrated with champagne and grilled out ( we really weren’t going to  Mexican and margarita’s).

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

Growing up I always lived on land and grew up in Jupiter Farms. When Austin and I stumbled upon The Lucky Old Sun Ranch in Jupiter, FL a few months before we were even engaged, we said the day we were engaged we would go check it out in person. We pulled up and immediately knew it was our venue! Located in Jupiter Farms across the street from where I had grew up and it being a ranch, which also had their very own windmill too, not to mention! It was the first venue and we booked it 3 days after he proposed!

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

We went with rustic ranch wedding, our colors were navy blue, and pops of yellow in sunflowers. My favorite flowers are sunflowers and the navy really made our bridal party pop.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

With living in paradise year around in South Florida, we decided to take our honeymoon to Kalispell Montana! We stayed in a very exclusive Honeymoon suite in a private estate tucked away in the mountains overlooking flat head lake!

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I chose Wonderland Bridal after one of my clients ( I do Real Estate) had just purchased her dress from them, she told me she went everywhere from Jupiter to Miami looking for her dress and finally found her dream dress and amazing service at Wonderland. They were my first appointment and my last!

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

My mom came into town and I decided to just go look and bring my mom, mother in law, and MOH. We all went to Wonderland and found my dress on my first appointment! Allison was a dream to work with and made me feel like a real life princess and was such a pleasure to my entire party. I couldn’t have had a better experience!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part was the ceremony. Having all of our family and closest friends all together from near and far together and witnessing Austin and I saying I do to forever together was the most amazing part of our wedding day. We wrote our own vows, which really made our ceremony that much more personable.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Enjoy every minute of it! The planning, the dreaming, the events leading up to it, and most of all enjoy every second of your big day! It is truly the best day of your life!

Photos by: Jack Bates Photography

  1. Flowers: Flower and Fringe
  2. Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake
  3. Entertainment: Andrew Morris Band
  4. Invitations: Minted
  5. Wedding Planner: 59 and Bluebell
  6. Hair: Sammy Suites
  7. Make Up: Sammy’s Suite
  8. Photographer: Jack Bates Photography:
  9. Decor: True Love Vintage Decor