Brittny & Chance’s Wedding: A Magical Country Fairytale

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story.

Meet Brittny and Chance, who were married on March 9th at The Telico Gin in Ennis, Texas.


Brittny and Chance met on about five and a half years ago. They went out on a couple of dates but did not hit it off immediately and went their separate ways. “The timing wasn’t right”, Brittny recalls. Fast forward to a few months later where Chance took a chance and reached out to Brittny again. They have been inseparable ever since. “It’s been a long bumpy road but with every bump we hit, we get stronger and love each other more”, Brittny says. She describes herself as a quiet and shy person. One who likes to stay in her bubble. She felt herself coming out of her shell and liking who she was around Chance. Feeling truly happy. She attributes it to the love he showed her and helping her open up in ways she had always been afraid to. That’s when she knew he was the one.

They dated for four years before Chance proposed. During Easter Sunday last year, Chance proposed to Brittny in front of her entire family. “I love that he knew me well enough to know that I would want my family around when he proposed”, says Brittny.

Their wedding took place at The Telico Gin in Ennis, Texas. Their vision for the big day was a rustic, country chic theme and that is exactly what this venue provided. The night was a magical country fairytale. Brittny’s favorite part was at the very end. Instead of a send off, Brittny and Chance sent all of their guests outside of the reception area and as their song “Let Them Talk” by Hugh Laurie played, they had a last dance, just the two of them. “It was the most magical moment”, Brittny recalls.

WB: Why did you choose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

BB: My sister got her dress at Wonderland and I loved how they treated her and made her feel special.

WB: Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

BB: I absolutely loved Wonderland Bridal. They make it all about you. You have your own dressing and viewing area with your name on it. The employees were amazing, nice, and made me feel like I was a part of their family.

WB: What was the best part of your wedding day?

BB: Our last dance.

WB: Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

BB: Don’t stress or spend so much money over the small stuff. I know it seems like the most important thing at the time to have the nicest decorations and the nicest table settings, but you’re not even going to notice them on the day. All you’re going to notice and care about it, is your partner.


Wedding Photos by John Benitez.

Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: Flowers, etc
  3. Cake: Walmart
  4. Catering: Little Mexico
  5. Entertainment: Wagon Wheel Entertainment
  6. Hair & Makeup: Katie Beckett
  7. Photographer: John Benitez
  8. Videographer: Logan Harris



Love Story: Kimesha & Christopher

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story. Meet Kimesha and Christopher, who were married on November 17th at the Sonesta on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Kimesha and Christoper met through a mutual friend in college at FSU around 2006-2007 . It wasn’t until several years later that they reunited at that same mutual friend’s birthday party and began dating.

They dated for about 2 years before he proposed. Christopher planned a getaway to the Florida Keys and treated Kimesha to her favorite snacks and played her favorite songs while on the ride down. As they strolled Mallory Square that evening before dinner, just as the sun was setting and a live band played, Christopher proposed and “it was all tears after that” Kimesha says.

Their wedding took place at the Sonesta on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The couple fell in love with the venue and the breathtaking views from the Penthouse floor. Colors included dusty rose and gold for a perfect combination. Kimesha says her wedding day was perfect and they genuinely had an amazing time. “There was a point at the wedding when Chris and I were just looking around the room in amazement – like this is real. ”

WB: Why did you choose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

KS: It was the perfect combination of glamorous and simple. I’m such a laid-back person, I didn’t want anything too stuffy – but nothing too casual either.

WB: Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

KS: I felt comfortable – like I was in the right place.

WB: Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

KS: Keep it simple and do what you want.


Wedding Photos by Cendino Teme.


Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: Victoria Park Flower Studio and Flower Wall Rentals
  3. Cake: Edda’s Cake Designs
  4. Catering: Sonesta Fort Lauderdale
  5. Entertainment: DJ Genesis
  6. Invitations: Minted
  7. Wedding Planner: Jackie Curniffe
  8. Make Up: Shirley St. Fort with Face It Artistry
  9. Photographer: Cendino Teme

Megan and Michael’s Wedding: Romantic, Whimsical, Unforgettable.

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story.

Meet Megan and Michael, who were married on March 24 at South Eden Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia.

Megan and Michael met the new-fashioned way: online, through There was an instant connection between them and he “made it feel like I’d known him my whole life”, Megan says. She found him to be very funny, intelligent, engaging and oh-so handsome! Subconsciously, she knew he was the one much sooner than they actually began talking about marriage. “To be honest, I had always been intimidated by the idea of marriage. Mike was the only person that made me feel like marriage was something that I wanted. It no longer felt scary and I could not imagine my life without him in it.”

Megan and Mike dated for just over 2 years before he proposed. While on vacation in Hawaii, Mike proposed to Megan while watching a beachside luau from their balcony at sunset. The luau ended as Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ began playing and fireworks were set off over the ocean. Mike dropped to one knee and proposed. Megan says it was a moment she will never forget.

Their wedding took place at South Eden Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia. The aesthetics of the property are breathtaking making it the perfect venue for the happy couple. The ceremony was held outside of a historic pool house that was built in the 20’s, cocktail hour was inside the pool house and adjacent gardens, and the reception was held in the back yard of the main house in a thicket of lighted magnolia trees. Although not intentional, Megan describes the inspiration for their wedding was a whimsical garden party with lots of florals and different shades of blues and greens in the attire and decor. At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects for Megan and Mike was to be able to dance under the stars, and that they did! The night wrapped up with the couple’s song – “Out of My League” by Fitz and the Tantrums.

WB: Why did you choose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

MN: I was born and raised in Margate and I was home visiting my mother from Tallahassee for spring break. We thought it might be fun to go look at dresses while I was home visiting, so my mother googled bridal salons in the area. Wonderland Bridal had terrific reviews and was close by, so we decided to give it a try. I am so glad that we did!

WB: Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

MN: We had an amazing experience at Wonderland Bridal. The atmosphere was so intimate and supportive. Cici was our consultant and helped me feel comfortable almost instantly. There was one dress in particular that I had been eyeing online and it happened to be part of an ongoing trunk show. I tried on the dress and loved it, but I wasn’t totally sure how the dress would look with a flower crown (which is something that I wanted). The next thing I knew, one of Cici’s assistants had run next door to the craft store to make an impromptu flower crown! The completed look was more than I could have asked for and I left my appointment with my dream dress purchased.

WB: What was the best part of your wedding day?

MN: Hands Down, our first look. It was such a special moment between the two of us that I will never forget.

WB: Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

MN: Pinterest is great for inspiration, but know that it can lead to lots of Pinterest fails! Seriously though, I learned a lot from former brides and brides-to-be on the Wedding Wire discussion boards. I found that online community to be really supportive and helpful in the planning process.


Wedding Photos by Hello Miss Lovely.







Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Sincerity Bridal from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: At Last Florals; Lesly Leahy (centerpieces)
  3. Cake: Michael Nichols
  4. Catering: South Eden Plantation
  5. Entertainment: Amplify Entertainment
  6. Invitations: Invitalia (via Etsy)
  7. Wedding Coordinator/Officiant: Amanda Reeves- A Beautiful Wedding in Florida
  8. Hair: Krysta Michaels- Beauty and Grace Hair Parlour
  9. Make Up: Lydia Filmore- Haus of Beauty
  10. Photographer: Autumn Beury-Hello Miss Lovely
  11. Videographer: Adriel Conde- Eternal Image
  12. Decor: Megan and Michael Nichols
  13. Furniture Rentals: South Eden Plantation

Love Story: Caitlin & Justin

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story. Meet Caitlin and Justin, who were married on November 10th at Deer Creek Country Club.

When and how did you meet?

We met in elementary school, at after care.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated two years, and were engaged for two years.

How did he propose?

We are both huge Disney fans.. We go every year for our birthdays! Just another usual trip to Disney for my birthday, he proposed under Disney’s Epcot fireworks show on the Boardwalk Pier!

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

Deer Creek Country Club was the third venue we checked out, and fell in love immediately. We felt it was unnecessary to look elsewhere, as it had everything we envisioned for our big day.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Burgundy and Gold, beautiful fall colors, and SO romantic!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to Hawaii for 10 days.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I found Wonderland Bridal via an online search, and added it to the list of places to go to begin looking for dresses. I fell in love immediately!

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

Alicyn and Patti made me feel like a bride, from the moment I walked in. They truly listened to me, and got to know me before putting me in dresses. They took time to go through my current ideas and noted my insecurities so as to only show me dresses that they KNEW I would love. I made my decision, and after a slight meltdown and changed my mind, they worked with me and remained patient while I tried on other dresses. Patti and Alicyn both answered my calls throughout the year, giving me advice and reassurance when my nerves got the best of me. Despite their own busy schedules and other appointments to attend to, they made it a point to speak with me and keep me relaxed throughout the entire process.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Coming down the aisle, on my proud Daddy’s arm, surrounded by people that truly love us, towards my best friend (and man of my dreams!) waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I’ll never forget the way I felt.. This is the exact reason we did not do a first look, I knew how important that first eye contact was for me, and for everyone else to see! Instead of the moment of him seeing me as his bride for the first time being intimate with just the two of us, we got to share that special moment with the people we love.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Remember to HAVE FUN! After all is said and done, your guests won’t remember the little things that may or may not have gone the way that you planned. What’s most important is that they are there for you and your spouse, on one of the biggest and most important days of your life.

Wedding Photos by FPD Studios.

Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: Party Perfect
  3. Cake: Edda’s Cake Designs
  4. Catering: Deer Creek, Platinum Package
  5. Entertainment: Excelarated Creative Group
  6. Invitations: You’re Invited
  7. Hair: Bombshell Makeovers
  8. Make Up: Bombshell Makeovers
  9. Photographer: FDP Studios
  10. Videographer: Blue Stream Photography
  11. Decor: Party Perfect
  12. Groom’s Cake: Carlota’s Sweets

Love Story: Casey & Cory

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story. Meet Casey and Cory, who were married on March 10th at Stonebridge Country Club in Boca Raton.

When and how did you meet?

Cory and I met in high school in 10th grade. He sat next to me in our English class and asked me if I had a pencil (even though he had one) just to talk to me. I know, sounds cheesy, but this is really how it all started. 

How long did you date before he popped the question?

In 2014 he popped the question, we had been together for 8 years. Remember, we started dating in high school when we were 15 years old so 8 years seems like a long time to people.

How did he propose?

We went to Orlando for my spring break and this was when the new Minion ride at Universal Studios had just came out and I was obsessed with those little guys. So after we got off the ride we were taking what I thought was supposed to be a photo as I look over to Cory and he’s down on his one knee. I basically blacked out at that point I don’t even know what he said lol but I was extremely happy and so surprised.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

Stonebridge Country Club in Boca Raton, FL. We looked at several places before this one but for some reason when we walked into Stonebridge it just felt right and I just knew this is where we had to get married. We both love country so Stonebridge gave us that country, yet modern feel.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

We had a rustic theme. Our colors were lilac, dusty blue, gold, cream, and grey/neutral colors. But the most significant part about our theme was having succulents as a part of our centerpieces as well as my bouquet itself. I am just overly obsessed with succulents. The colors we chose just really were the most appealing to me and just made our wedding.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We have not had our honeymoon yet as I am a nursing student and don’t have time to take off like that. We are hoping to have our honeymoon sometime within the next year or wait until I graduate.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I’ve seen Wonderland Bridal all over the bridal apps and on Instagram so I went one time with just a friend to try on dresses and I just loved all the options they had to offer. Their dresses seemed more unique and special to me than any regular bridal store I’ve been to.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

The second time I went to Wonderland Bridal I went with my maid of honor and my mother and I think it was about the second or third dress I tried on and I couldn’t stop staring at it. I tried on a few others and then tried on that same dress again and I immediately felt like a princess and had that feeling all brides usually feel when they find the one. I cried lol. The ladies at Wonderland were beyond amazing and made us feel super special and helped/ answered every question we had.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

I don’t know if I can choose one best part of our wedding day but if I really had to choose it would be walking down the isle with my father looking at all our friends and family light up and most of all looking at Cory’s face. It truly was a special moment.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

As a nursing student it was tough especially towards the last month because that’s when you need everything in by a certain time so it can become overwhelming. But take every day one day at a time. Do not rush because at the end of the day this is the BIGGEST day of your entire life and you want everything to be perfect. If possible plan the big things in advanced like the venue, the date, all the vendors, and start looking for dresses soon enough as sometimes it can take up to 6-9 months to get your dress back. And most of all, spend that good amount of money on a photographer and/or videographer because it’s worth every dollar. I had Cory be apart of every detail that I planned. I just think it’s important to have the future groom’s opinion but don’t let it become so stressful it turns into a fight. The planning part is supposed to be fun, I know it is hard to not become stressed out but enjoy every detail and really do your research.

Wedding Photos by Starfish Studios.

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: Lush Celebrations
  3. Cake: Stonebridge
  4. Catering: Stonebridge
  5. Entertainment: SL events and productions
  6. Invitations: Minted
  7. Wedding Planner: Me
  8. Hair: Hair and make up I do
  9. Make Up: Hair and make up I do
  10. Photographer: Starfish Studios
  11. Videographer: Petit Four Films
  12. Decor: Stonebridge/ Lush celebrations

Taking Care of your Gown Beyond the Purchase

Yay! Your wedding gown alterations are complete. You tried it on and are carrying the big poofy bag out of the shop and then you wonder, now what? We at Wonderland Bridal have a list of all of the things you will need to know to make sure that you look picture perfect in your wedding dress!

Transporting your wedding gown

Once your wedding gown leaves the alterations shop, presumably it is already steamed or pressed. In order to avoid excessive wrinkles, we suggest transporting your wedding dress in a vehicle where the seats can fold down. This flat surface should minimize imperfections caused by transporting your wedding gown.

Hanging your wedding dress 

When you get where you are going, make sure you hang your dress in a clean dry area away from pets and heavy foot traffic. Your wedding gown should be high enough off the ground that the train has enough floor space to be let down and fanned out. Be sure you do not hang your wedding dress from light fixtures, sprinkler heads, or ceiling fans to prevent burns or drenching your wedding gown in water. The ideal place to hang your wedding dress is at the top of a closet door. Resist the urge to try your wedding gown on again. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging or staining it before you get a chance to walk down the aisle.

Steaming your wedding dress

If you are traveling with your dress by plane or car long distance you may want to have your dress professionally steamed. If this is not possible and you absolutely have to steam this yourself we recommend the following. Read the care tag of your wedding gown. Just like you would a shirt or pair of pants follow the instructions before you do anything to the gown. Not all fabrics respond to the same degree of heat and can be ruined if you are not careful. Before steaming, rinse out the tank and make sure it is empty before adding clean water. Let the steamer run its course for a minute to make sure the steam emitting from it is clear. If it is not, do not use this steamer otherwise you risk staining your wedding gown. While steaming your gown be sure you do not apply the nozzle directly to the fabric and leave an inch in between.

Putting your wedding gown on

So you have had your hair and makeup done and it’s time to put on your wedding dress. You will want to step into it to avoid messing up your makeup or having it smudged on your wedding gown. Perfume should be put on before you step into your wedding gown. Spraying it directly on to the dress can cause stains or change the color of some beading. Once your wedding dress is on, have someone help you put your shoes on. Stepping into your wedding gown with shoes on can increase the odds of making it dirty.

Keeping it clean during your wedding

Before the ceremony have someone designated to help you navigate wet or dirty floors, asphalt, and grass. They can do this by helping you carry your train. Bustling your train before the ceremony can cause it to become wrinkled. If any makeup or oil stains appear on your dress, lightly coat with baby powder and wait 15 minutes before gently removing excess powder. This should make the stains appear lighter. Do not apply water to wine stains. This is the best way to make the stain spread. Blot the area with a towel and go back to having fun.

After your wedding

Avoid putting your wedding dress in a plastic bag. This could cause mold or mildew build-up. Store it in the cloth garment bag your wedding gown came in. Go on your honeymoon and when you come back call Wonderland Bridal about wedding gown cleaning and preservation. The sooner you clean your gown the better the chance of having any stains removed. Wonderland Bridal works with Wedding Gown Preservation Company to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved in 10 weeks or less.  If you still have your wedding dress and don’t know what to do with it, call us today!


Stella York Plus Size 6649

The Truth About Wedding Dress Samples

If you have never set foot in a bridal shop you don’t know what to expect on your first visit unless someone tells you. Most brides trying on wedding gowns for the first time think that it’s like going to your favorite shop at the mall, trying on a dress in your size, and taking it home. Some bridal shops work this way but most will have you try on samples and measure you to order the size closest to your own. How does this work, you ask? Let us tell you how!



Bridal shops order sizes 8 and up so that they can fit more brides into their samples. Example: You are a size 4 in wedding gowns. You can fit into a size 10 wedding dress but a size 10 bride cannot fit into a size 4. While a size 10 is a few sizes bigger, bridal stores have tricks to make that size 10 wedding gown fit almost like a perfect size 4. This will give you an idea of how it would look in your size. Wedding dress sizes vary by bridal shop and designer. Wonderland Bridal carries wedding gown samples ranging from a size 6 to 26 and our wedding gowns can be ordered from size 2-34.



A question we are asked most often is, “why are none of your sample dresses white?” There has been a decline in the interest of brides ordering true white wedding dresses in recent years. There are several reasons for this. The most common reasons brides are not ordering white is that the color is so bright she would need to have her teeth whitened, it can often wash out many skin tones, and it can appear dirty very quickly. That being said, many wedding gowns still do come with white as a color option for the traditional bride.

Our selection of wedding gown samples are variations of white including ivory which is also called bridal white. This is a softer version of white that isn’t always that yellow ivory color. We also have wedding dress samples in hues of pink or champagne that make lace appliques and embroidery pop. Since Ivory is the most popular color for wedding gowns, all of our wedding dress samples can be ordered in this color.



Wedding gown samples in bridal shops are usually a standard length which can be very long for some brides. As with sizing, this is to accommodate a range of heights. Wedding dresses are made to fit brides who are 5’8″ and shorter. If you have ever wondered why bridal shops have pedestals, this is why. When a bride steps on a pedestal in a wedding gown, it gives her the appearance of being taller. This makes the wedding dress look like it is closer to the perfect length or appears that she is wearing high shoes.

When a new dress is ordered there are a few ways to make sure you are not tripping down the aisle. You can order a wedding gown with a custom length. This means that you can order your wedding dress to the desired length and have the dress arrive this way. This also means that you will have to have your shoes before you place your wedding gown order. Another option is to have a seamstress shorten the hem when you do your alterations (which are almost always necessary). At the very least you will need a bustle. Which brings us to our final subject…



Everyone loves a long train. A bustle is the collection of the train after the ceremony with loops and buttons. This prevents your train from being damaged. Wedding dress samples are not bustled. The reason for this is that your wedding gown must be the perfect length before your bustle is measured otherwise your train will still be too long or so short you will see underneath your wedding gown.. Since there are several styles of bustles, you can have your seamstress choose the one you like the most at the time of your fitting.

It is just as fun shopping shopping for wedding dress samples for us as it is for you to shop for your’s. Let us be the shop to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day. Schedule your appointment with us today!

Love Story: Christina & Steven

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Christina and Steven, who were married on April 15th at Deer Creek Country Club.

Kuzmich Reception(FullRez)-64

When and how did you meet?

We met in High School around 2001 or 2002. He was one of my closest friends until we officially started dating in 2008. However, he was my high school senior prom date in 2003 (we went as really good friends – although I’m sure he asked me because he had a crush on me during that time).

How long did you date before he popped the question?

7 years !!!! Then we were engaged for 2 yrs and 4 months (this December will be our 10 year dating anniversary).

How did he propose?

It was the weekend of my 30th birthday. He had planned a “surprise” party that day which turned out not to be a surprise because he ended up spilling the beans a few weeks prior. I love the Morakimi Japanese Gardens, especially the Zen Garden, it is one of my favorite places. Steven told me that we were going to the Morikami earlier that day to have lunch with our friend and his girlfriend. The Morikami has a restaurant on property. He said that our friend really wanted to take me to a birthday lunch (this of course made no sense to me, as I knew that we would be seeing said friend later that night for the “surprise” party). When we arrived at the restaurant he said that our friend and his girlfriend were walking around the garden and we should join them because it was such a lovely day. I fought him on this at first and insisted that we just wait for a table but eventually I acquiesced. When we entered the Zen garden I saw our friend and his girlfriend. I was too busy greeting them to realize that the Bruno Mars song “Marry Me” had began playing in the background. I heard Steven say, “she is too busy saying hi to realize what’s happening” (I watched this many times on video : ) ). At that moment, I turned around and realized what was happening. The rest is history.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

Deer Creek Golf Club. It was the perfect blend of what we were both looking for. Immediately upon walking into Deer Creek, we both fell in love with the beautiful ballroom (I feel in love with the chandeliers ) and the outside ceremony space. We wanted something that was both romantic and  “gardeny” (our theme was Romance in the Garden).

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Blush Pink, Ivory and a “touch” of Gold. Pink Roses are my favorite. The color combination reminds me of a nice spring day.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Italy (Rome, Tuscany Region, Florence and Venice).

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

Because Wonderland is amazing!!! I truly fell in love with Patti and Alicyn. I visited two or three other dress shops prior to Wonderland. The one thing that stood out about Wonderland is that the consultants really cared about finding me the perfect dress to celebrate such a huge milestone. While other shops hosted friendly consultants that were polite, Wonderland made me feel as though I was dress shopping with my closest girlfriends who were just as excited as I was! It was genuine and I truly cherished the experience.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

Wonderland stuck with me from the beginning to the end. All of the ladies were very professional and accommodating. They are knowledgeable in their field and were always available to answer questions. They kept me informed about my dress and my veil from the day I placed my order until the day I picked them up.  Wonderland went above and beyond to help me find the perfect dress to wear to marry my best friend.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

There were so many moments ! The entire day was spectacular but if I had to pick one, I would say it was our first look. There was something just truly magical about that moment that I cannot quite put into words.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Never lose sight of the reason you are planning a wedding. It is easy to get lost in the stress and anxiety of planning but enjoy the experience (with your significant other). When the day arrives, many things will likely not go as planned, no matter how much you planned but it will still be the best day ever (or at least one of the best days ever)!

Wedding Photos by Epic Media – Lee Davis

Kuzmich Ceremony(FullRez)-41

Kuzmich Ceremony(FullRez)-109

Kuzmich Ceremony(FullRez)-115

Kuzmich Reception(FullRez)-23.jpg

Kuzmich Pre-Ceremony(FullRez)-19.jpg

Kuzmich Reception(FullRez)-3.jpg

Kuzmich Reception(FullRez)-27.jpg

Kuzmich Reception(FullRez)-276.jpg

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal Couture
  2. Flowers:  Gladys Flowers Inc
  3. Cake:  Elite Cake Creations
  4. Catering: Deer Creek Golf Club
  5. Entertainment:  DJ EL Cumacho owner of Moor Productions LLC
  6. Invitations:  Elegant Wedding Invites
  7. Wedding Planner: Steven and I 🙂
  8. Hair: Jean Johnson of Platinum Cuts (Bride) and Gem Makeup Artistry & Hair (Bridal Party)
  9. Make Up:  Gem Makeup Artistry & Hair
  10. Photographer: Epic Media – Lee Davis
  11. Videographer: Epic Media – Carlyle Brown

Love Story: Merissa & Luis


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Merissa Luis, who were married March 24th, 2018.

When and how did you meet?

We met in person for the first time in April 25, 2014 at Hooters, but it was three months before that when we met online and began to chat.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

From the first night, we never left each others side and began dating in late April 2014. He asked me to marry him Nov. 22,2016

How did he propose?

We were on a trip to New York with my family for my cousins wedding. When we arrived, we went to the central park zoo and you could tell that he was nervous or anxious about something.He was very uptight and his hands were sweaty. He just couldn’t sit still.We walked down the stairs to the bear enclosure and my dad turns to us and says stand in front of it and Luis you kneel down. Well of course my stubborn self, I said well why is he going to kneel down and Im going to stand, so I proceeded to kneel with him. My dad snaps the picture and I stand up, but Luis didn’t move. He opened up a box and there was my ring. I said yes before he could even ask. My sister had signs and fake flowers that she pulled out of her backpack. It was definitely memorable.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We got married at Boca Pointe in Boca Raton , Florida. We knew we wanted a country club and have been here many times and thought the ambience and the food were incredible. My mom and I literally went to 3 places and knew this was the one. The staff was incredible and Bee Alexis my wedding planner was the absolute best. I cannot say enough about the team here.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

It was vintage theme with champagnes, golds, and white. I really wanted something clean looking, simple, yet elegant.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We have not yet, but are planning a trip to Cuba.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

Why Wonderland? The answer is simple, they are the most amazing team of women. They truly cared about my perfect day. I wasn’t a number or a money sign to them, I was a woman walking through their door and they had the most important mission to find the perfect dress for the best day of my life. A day I will always remember. A dress that made me feel beautiful.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

From the day I walked in, I knew this was the place. It’s actually kind of funny, instead of finding the dress I loved and not worrying about the place I bought it from,  I was going to make a dress that they carried work, but that wasn’t the case at all. Wonderland had a large selection of dresses and one more beautiful than the next. I thought I knew what I wanted, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The one thing I thought I didn’t want (tulle), I ended with. They just knew what would look the best on my body type. They showed me dresses that I picked out and waited till the end to say “please try this on” and as I pulled it up over my hips, I looked at Amber and said “ This is the dress”. At that moment, I said yes to the dress.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Marrying my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life surrounded by the people who mean the most to us. Bonus: Having our son be there to witness the love of his mom and dad. Having him apart of this day truly meant the world to us.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are going to be hiccups, disagreements, and drama let it go. Always remember that this day is for the two of you. It is YOUR perfect day, no-one else’s. You CANNOT make everyone happy, but you can make yourselves. Music, food, and of course YOUR DRESS is the most important. This is what people will remember.

  1. Wedding Gown: Wonderland Bridal Couture | Stella York
  2. Flowers: Beautiful Kreations
  3. Cake: Boca Pointe
  4. Entertainment: Vinny Vendatto 
  5. Wedding Planner: Bee Alexis
  6. Hair: Jenny Berger
  7. Make Up: Nicole Dilallo
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Designer Spotlight| Fall 2018

It’s almost Fall which means a new bridal season is upon us. This collection of Stella York wedding dresses is one of our favorites by far. These wedding gowns are the perfect balance of classic and modern. Here are just some of the details that you can expect to see and be inspired by.

Lace, Lace, and more Lace

There was a time where lace wedding dresses were a dated look; but this isn’t your grandma’s lace.


The beautiful weather we are lucky to have in Florida makes for gorgeous outdoor weddings. We love this garden-inspired wedding dress which is lace and tulle over regency organza. The lattice pattern of the lace appliques gives the skirt movement and brings to mind a flowing garden feel.

This gorgeous A-line wedding gown has a beautifully detailed illusion back and is delicately finished with buttons under a zipper closure.


Another of our favorite lace dresses is this simple boho wedding dress with French tulle. This is the perfect wedding gown to compliment your beach wedding. The cotton style lace of the bodice gives this wedding dress an effortless style with a v-neck and open keyhole back. The modern bride looks for comfort and this flowy skirt will definitely make walking on the sand and dancing the night away an absolute breeze.


Dramatic Skirts


A bride doesn’t want to walk down the aisle and everyone say that her dress made her look cute. She wants jaws to drop when she makes her grand entrance. This beaded trumpet style wedding gown will turn heads and breakneck speed. The sexy silhouette of this wedding dress is fitted through the bodice and hip and flares with a full tulle skirt.

The stunning low back has an illusion panel that makes the back appear lower than it is giving the bride a little bit of sexy to this sophisticated look.


This next wedding gown is for the bride looking for a romantic ballgown style with plenty of sparkle. The 3-D flowers and sparkle tulle underlay give this wedding gown dimension that demands all the attention in the room. The lightly lined bodice gives this ballgown a relaxed look that has boning for structure but doesn’t make the bride feel suffocated such as a fully lined beaded bodice might.




Drama and romance make this next wedding dress an amazing choice for indoor or outdoor nuptials. The see through illusion bodice and full skirt combined with the amazing shape will give the bride wearing this a sweet but sassy look for her wedding day.


It’s so hard to be surrounded by beautiful wedding gowns and not have more than one fave. This stunning mermaid wedding dress has everything a girl could want; a sheer peek-a-boo neckline gives the bride that flirtatious look with out sacrificing her shape, an absolutely amazing train scattered with romantic appliques, and of course the sophisticated beaded strap that falls off the shoulder in rows.

If you are still searching for the perfect wedding gown for your special day! Look no further! Set up your appointment with Wonderland Bridal today and let one of our stylists introduce you to the wedding dress of your dreams!