Love Story: Kayley & Brian married at the Deicke Auditorium in Plantation, Florida

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story.

Meet Kayley and Brian, who were married on November 17th at the Deicke Auditorium in Plantation, Florida.


Kayley and Brian hit it off on They made plans to meet at Sawgrass Mills to watch a movie. “After our first date, Brian didn’t think I liked him and I actually didn’t think he liked me either. Side story: we had originally met online years prior on Plenty Of Fish and hit it off then but never ended up meeting in person”, Kayley recalls.


After their initial meeting, they spoke on the phone every day, all day and sacrificed a lot of sleep to spend time together. They just could not get enough of one another! After Brian met Kayley’s family, an experience she claims should have traumatized him, he stuck around. That’s when she knew he was her person.


They dated about 9 months before Brian proposed. The day before Kayley graduated with her master’s degree, they drove over to Fort Myers to their favorite beach. It was a hot day, the beach was crowded and they walked for quite a while before reaching the end of the beach. As Kayley returned from using the restrooms and on the way back to the beach, Brian got down on one knee. But the ring got caught in his pocket! “He stayed there and looked at me. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I tried to save him and said yes. To this day, I tease him because he never technically asked me to marry him but…here we are!”


The wedding took place at the Deicke Auditorium. The couple found the venue to be the most affordable option and absolutely loved how perfect everything turned out. Kayley’s love of pictures inspired a “Picture Perfect” theme. There were pictures everywhere! Down the aisle, on every table, as decor, etc. Hints of rose gold and wine colors tied everything together.


WB: Why did you choose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

KI: I originally bought a dress at another shop because I did not know about Wonderland Bridal. EVERYTHING at that other place went wrong and I found myself stressing about finding a dress only months prior to the wedding. Every place I called told me it was almost impossible to get a dress in time and they couldn’t help me. When I called Wonderland Bridal it was a completely different experience. They assured me they could find me a dress and asked how soon I could come in.

WB: Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

KI: After calling Wonderland Bridal, I rushed towards the store only stopping to pick up my little sister. They were beyond kind to me from the second I walked in the door. I thought my “Say Yes to the Dress” moment was gone but somehow they made the experience even better. I tried on several dresses and if I even remotely looked like I liked the dress they would be searching to see how soon the dress could be there. I found a dress even better than the one I was so heartbroken over and they made sure it was there with plenty of time for me to alter. It was an incredible experience and I can’t recommend Wonderland Bridal enough.

WB: What was the best part of your wedding day?

KI: The best part of our wedding day was the vows. I never thought Brian would go for writing our own vows but he never even made a complaint about it when I said I wanted us to personalize our wedding vows. Instead, he took it as a challenge to have the best vows (yes, he’s a little competitive). He is a man who doesn’t always say how he feels but rather shows it so hearing his vows was truly special. I still remember the specific part that really got to me; he promised to always make it home safe to me (he is a police officer).

WB: Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

KI: Slow down and enjoy it!

Photos by RKM Photography 


Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Stella York from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: Pink Pussycat Flowers 
  3. Cake: Sweets for the Sweet
  4. Catering: John The Baker
  5. Entertainment: DJ—Delvin Randolph
  6. Invitations: Vistaprint
  7. Hair: Janessa Sanctious
  8. Make Up: Nicole D Beauty
  9. Photographer: RKM Photography
  10. Decor: Katie’s Kreative Designs, LLC