I’m Going to be a Mom…and a Bridesmaid!

With Bridal season in full swing we are noticing a lot more pregnant bridesmaids than in recent years. Both being pregnant and a bridesmaid can complicate the bridesmaid dress buying process but Wonderland Bridal is here to help! There are plenty of ways to accommodate the mama-to-be. First thing’s first, celebrate the bundle of joy you are expecting or be excited about planning your growing family. Next, read below to see how you can be happy and still be there for your bride.

Baby bump

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Bride I’m Pregnant

We don’t like hearing this, ever, yet we hear it so often. Give the bride the chance to be happy for you. This is your life and it doesn’t stop because someone else is getting married. At the same time, you need to understand that this may be the most important day of the bride’s life and not sharing this information can really hurt your relationship with her. She is paying for things like flowers and gifts for the bridal party and if you don’t think you will be able to participate in the wedding, this should be communicated to the bride right away.


How do I choose a style?

Once you have shared your blessing with the bride, ask her about the aesthetic she is going for. Does she want everyone in the same bridesmaid dress or is everyone allowed to choose their own style. Your bride will want you to look just as beautiful as all of her other bridesmaids so no doubt she will choose something that will accommodate your growing belly.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses ask your stylist for recommendations. Let them know how far along you will be or hope to be when the wedding arrives. If this something you want to keep private maybe ask the bride to go shopping with you separately so that you can ask your stylist all of the questions you have before returning with the rest of the bridesmaids.

How will I know what size to order?

There will be a lot of guessing between you and your stylist about which size you will need and how extensive alterations could be. If you are wearing a more fitted bridesmaid dress you will need to order a few sizes larger. Our Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses take approximately 3-4 months to arrive. There is a rush option but  be aware there are usually costs associated with this. The best option is to order your bridesmaid dress with a rush since you will have a better idea of what your size will be closer to the wedding date. Also, there is no science to knowing what size you will be when the bridesmaid dress arrives so this is a decision you will need to make carefully.

1-5 Months Pregnant at the wedding

We recommend ordering 2-3 sizes up from your current measurements. Avoid a style with a thick waist band or fitted skirt. Sorella Vita has plenty of styles to choose from that are fitted on the top with a natural waistline and flowing skirt to flatter your silhouette.


6-8 Months Pregnant at the wedding

For a later term pregnancy we recommend that you consider a bridesmaid dress with a higher waistline and order 2-4 sizes up from your measurement the date the order is placed.


Post Pregnancy

If the wedding plans are starting way ahead of time but you will be late term by the time all of the bridesmaids are placing their order, we recommend having your measurements taken as soon as possible. Is this your first pregnancy? You know how quickly/slowly you will return to your regular size. If you are unsure we recommend going one size up just in case. You don’t need the added stress of not fitting into your bridesmaid dress because it is too small or trying to lose weight to fit into it.

Neutral BM

Make your trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid be as stress free as possible. Enjoy your pregnancy and all of the fun that comes with being a bridesmaid. Make your appointment with us at Wonderland Bridal and let us help you find the right style for you!




Love Story: Christina & Kyle

Christina&Kyle1832We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Christina & Kyle, who were married December 16th, 2017.

When and how did you meet?

We didn’t even realize it but we went to the same church and never met each other until his cousin got me a job at a lab where he was working. That was back in 2009. I was waiting for an interview when I first saw him and I gave him a dirty look like why are you looking at me??

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for about 7 years.

How did he propose?

It was July 16, 2016 and I was mad at him because he didn’t propose to me yet. But what I didn’t know that he has a ring with him for a while waiting to find the right time. We had an argument about it so he decided to just do it. He took me down memory lane. We finished a movie and after he drove me the spot where he realized he first liked me. And then to where we had our first date, to all our make out spots and places where we had our best memories. Then we ended up at the lab where we met. And alone in the parking lot he got down on one knew and told me that he knew I was special from the moment he met me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And if I would marry him. And of course I said yes.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We actually got married a few months after in December 2016. My grandpa was put into hospice with only a few weeks to live and I was heartbroken that he wouldn’t be able to be at our wedding so Kyle thought it would be a good idea to get married with him. We had a little ceremony in his room with our grandmas as bridesmaids, and a few days later he passed. Our wedding took place a year later at the Living Sculpture Sanctuary. I just randomly and luckily came across this gem. I was searching online for a unique outdoor space to have a rustic wedding and it was the first place I visited. It was perfect.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

I wanted a romantic and rustic feel for our wedding. The colors were light pink/blush, navy blue and gold.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

I looked online for places that had styles that I liked and again it was my first stop. I had other appointments, but I didn’t have to go anywhere else, they had exactly what I was looking for.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

They were so helpful and nice from the moment I walked in. And they, in a nice way, put up with my BS. I told them what I wanted and against my will they made me try on the opposite. But that technique made the experience even better. I did not want a strapless sweetheart dress, I wanted something different –and they made me try on a few strapless sweetheart dresses. (One was actually a runner up to my final choice). I tried on all the ones I didn’t want to and then once I put on the last dress I wanted everyone knew it was the one. I know they made me try on those dresses strategically so that I knew for sure what I wanted and that made finding my dress all the more special. You need to see yourself in other dresses because you just never know how a dress in a magazine or online will look on our body type. Brides are usually stubborn about that but the ladies at wonderland know how to get you in the right dress.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It was all so perfect, but I think our first dance was the best part. Your wedding day is such a whirlwind and just those few minutes of swaying in his arms makes everything slow down and the beauty of it all just hits you and wow the ceremony is over already.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Don’t stress!!! No one knows what your vision is except you. So if it isn’t exactly what you wanted who cares! Also at least a day of wedding planner is a must! Mine was just amazing she was able to put together everything even better than what I imagined.

Photos by Gloria Ruth Photography

  1. Flowers: DIY
  2. Cake: DIY
  3. Catering: The Miami Party Place
  4. Entertainment: Photo booth brothers- DJ and photobooth
  5. Invitations: Vistaprint
  6. Wedding Planner: Laurie De Silva
  7. Hair: Tatiana’s Vanity
  8. Make Up: Nicole Macaluso
  9. Decor:  DIY


Love Story: Carriette & Sebastien

View More: http://poirierweddingphotography.pass.us/carrietteandelusmaWe sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Carriette & Sebastien, who were married November 11, 2017.

View More: http://poirierweddingphotography.pass.us/carrietteandelusma

When and how did you meet?

We met in pharmacy school during our orientation week at Nova Southeastern University. We were standing next to each other in line for food and he made a joke that caused me to laugh hysterically. When I got home, I had a friend request from him 🙂

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We officially started dating on 11/11/11. So the number 11 definitely has a significant place in our hearts. He proposed about 4 1/2 years later on my birthday 6/18/16.

How did he propose?

I really love to eat (it’s literally my favorite thing to do) and Sebastien took me to a very nice restaurant near the beach for my birthday dinner. The atmosphere was perfect and it was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Sebastien suggested that we go for a walk on the beach after dinner. After searching unsuccessfully for parking I convinced him to go home. I had an intimate, at-home proposal that was 100% perfect and absolutely what I wanted.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were both raised Catholic and it was important for us to get married in church. We got married at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Coral Springs. Our reception was about 10 minutes away at the Coral Springs Marriott.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Our theme was royal and elegant. We chose Gold, Purple, and Ivory which gave us the majestic feel we were going for.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

My husband loves to travel. Our deal was that I would plan the wedding and he would plan the honeymoon. We went to Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, the Maldives, Venice and Portugal. It was the trip of a lifetime with the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect honeymoon 🙂

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

Wonderland Bridal was my first stop for wedding dress shopping because of the wonderful reviews I saw online. I called to make an appointment and Alicyn suggested that I come in for the Stella York Trunk show. She said that it would be an ideal time to come since it was my first time shopping and there would be a variety of styles to try on. She was super pleasant on the phone and it made me really look forward to visiting the store.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

I felt so welcomed by Patti and Alicyn. The store was nicely designed, very clean and there were so many dresses on display. Patti helped me during my appointment. She helped me get an idea of exactly the style of dress I was looking for. She is very attentive in listening to what the bride wants and how they feel in the dress. We got down to one dress that I loved, but I just couldn’t make a commitment my first time dress shopping. Seven stores later I was back to try on more dresses. I retried the Stella York dress and finally had my waterworks and say yes to the dress moment. There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that says “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. My experience with wonderland bridal exceeded expectations and it is such a memorable part of my journey to the big day.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It was honestly the best day of my life from start to finish and I loved every minute. But walking down the aisle was so special. We didn’t do a first look prior to the ceremony because we wanted to keep with tradition. When the bridal chorus started playing in church it finally hit me that this is it, it’s finally happening! My mom and uncle walked me down the aisle. It was so exciting and emotional walking towards my future husband surrounded by all of our closest friends and family. And then finally locking eyes with Sebastien and seeing the look of awe on his face. I will treasure that moment forever.Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Give yourself time to enjoy being engaged, but start planning as early as you can. I started about a year before our wedding date because we were paying for the wedding ourselves and wanted to stay within budget. This will give you time to research and find the best vendors and packages without feeling any pressure. Reliable and supportive vendors are key! If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with something go with your gut. I ended up canceling a DJ I hired 2 months prior to my wedding because the communication was not where it needed to be. The DJ I ended up going with was amazing and I have no regrets. This is one day and it goes by so fast. Think about what’s most important for you and work to make it happen. Everything else will fall into place.

Photos by Poirier Photography

Please specify any that apply…

  1. Flowers/Decor: Flowers By Sandra
  2. Cake: Publix
  3. Catering: Coral Springs Marriott
  4. DJ/Photobooth: The PhotoBooth Bros
  5. Invitations: GreetingsIsland.com
  6. Day of Coordinator: Susan Marie Weddings
  7. Make Up: Cleo Jorge Makeup
  8. Photographer: Poirier Photography

Love Story: Meghan & Anthony

image8We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Meghan & Anthony, who were married January 6th, 2018.


When and how did you meet?
We met back in high school at age 15, but reunited in life almost 4 years ago.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We were together 3 years.

How did he propose?
On the sand at a beautiful beachfront restaurant here in Ft Lauderdale.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married at Buckingham Farms in Ft Myers, Fl.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?
We chose a rustic country themed wedding which was perfect for our outdoor venue. We knew right away that’s what we were going to base everything off of, including my beautiful lace dress.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We spent a few extra days in Ft Myers since ours was technically a destination wedding and then some quality time off at home with our dog!

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?
Wonderland was the first place I ever visited to try on dresses, and when I tried on “my dress” there, I just knew it was the one! I couldn’t and didn’t need to look any further. I left that day knowing I had purchased the perfect dress for me and my wedding vision.

 Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

I had a great experience both times I visited Wonderland Bridal. The first day, with the help of Alicyn, I found and purchased the most beautiful lace covered gown that I happily and patiently waited to arrive. Once it did, I went back to try on and pick up my dress where I was treated like a princess by Patti. Everything was perfect

What was the best part of your wedding day?
Saying I do to the best husband ever! But seriously, picking a favorite part is hard. It literally went exactly as planned and it was just a beautiful day for us all!

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?
Take your time and do it YOUR way! Don’t stress it too much and having friends and family as helpers is a big plus. Don’t be afraid to ask for helpJit’s a very stressful time but take time to enjoy yourself, too!

Photo Credit: Brandy Wine Photography – NC


1. Flowers: Southern Fresh Florals Ft Myers, Fl 2. Cake: Publix
3. Catering: Buckingham Farms Ft Myers, Fl
4. Entertainment: RIG Entertainment Ft Myers, Fl 5. Invitations: Basic Invite (online)6. Wedding Planner: N/A
7. Hair: Lindsay Arevalo – Pure Vanity Boutique Salon Ft Myers, Fl8. Make Up: “ “
9. Photographer: Brandy Wine Photography – NC
10. Videographer: N/A
11. Decor: Something Borrowed Ft Myers, Fl , Buckingham Farms Ft Myers, Fl and a lot of DIY.

Love Story: Gabriela & Andres


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Gabriela & Andres, who were married January 27th, 2018.


When and how did you meet?

We first met on January 27th 2015. We both have a mutual friend that wanted us to meet so he connected us and we decided to meet at Royal Pig in downtown Fort Lauderdale for some drinks. The rest is history.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

2 years

How did he propose?

We went out to dinner with his parents to one of our favorite restaurants in Mizner Park. After dinner he recommended we go to Red Reef beach, where we would frequently visit when he lived up in Delray. After sitting and talking he took out a book with many pictures of us and asked me to close my eyes and when I opened them there he was on one knee. He also had my family drive up to surprise me as well. It was perfect!

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs church because that’s the church I grew up with. It meant a lot to him to get married at a catholic church so we did.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

We went with blush, gold, and white with hints of pearls around the room. Those colors scream romance and because my dress had pearls it was a cute add on.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We are heading to Vietnam in a few days to celebrate our Honeymoon. We decided Vietnam because of the cuisine and because Halong Bay seems like such a magical place to Honeymoon.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

My sister’s friend actually bought her dress at the store and when we went the selections they had were exactly what we were looking for.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

It was amazing. The girls working there really enjoy what they do and it shows in their customer service. They worked with my budget and made the experience an enjoyable one.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Saying our “I Do’s” and of course celebrating with all of our family and friends.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Stress free is the way to be. Things will happen but at the end of the day all that matters is that you are marrying the love of your life.

Photo Credit: Lightsky photography- Erika Arango


  1. Flowers: Pink Pussycat Flower Shop
  2. Cake:Sussie’s Scrumptious Sweets
  3. Entertainment: Vision Dj’s
  4. Invitations: Paperless Post
  5. Hair: Asteria Beauty Salon
  6. Make Up: Asteria Beauty Salon
  7. Photographer: Lightsky photography- Erika Arango
  8. Videographer: Sushi Films

5 Major Signs you Know you’ve Found the “One”

The first thing a lot of brides want to do after getting engaged is search for their wedding gown. The bride always cries when finding her wedding dress in a movie or on one of the wedding shows we are so obsessed with. Sometimes there are tears involved but if you don’t get emotional, how can you tell if the dress you love is the “one”?


The dress checks all of your boxes

Some brides have been pinning their weddings since way before they got engaged. They just know everything that they are looking for. If you are still unsure about what you want, ask yourself these questions:

Does this dress make me feel beautiful?

Is there anything about this wedding dress I don’t like?

Can I imagine wearing this wedding gown on my special day?

Does it work with my venue?

Am I happy with the color?

Do I love it?

Will leaving the store without buying my wedding gown give me anxiety?

If you said, “yes” to any of these questions, this is a great indication that you have found your dream wedding dress.


You compare this dress to everything else you try on

When you have found “the one” every wedding dress you put on afterwards will not compare. You will find that another wedding gown may have parts that you love or is missing that crucial detail that made you fall in love with the other dress. You may even decide to stop trying dresses on in the middle of your appointment because nothing else has given you the feels the way the last one did.


You chose it for all of the right reasons

Did your fiance tell you they wanted to see you in a ballgown instead of a mermaid gown like you imagined? Is Mom also weeping at the sight of you in a ballgown but you always envisioned yourself in a mermaid wedding dress? Don’t just decide on a dress to make anyone else happy. It’s ok to want them to like your wedding gown, but they will love you in anything you wear. You want to look at your wedding photos in 30 years and remember how much you loved your wedding gown.

Also, sometimes you can get a sweet deal on a wedding gown that is too hard to pass up. Buying a wedding dress just because it fits your budget is a big no-no. You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse on something that is on final sale. The most important reason to buy your wedding gown is because you love it.

You feel great in it

Most Wedding gowns are made of more fabric and are more structured than your day-to-day wear. You need to feel amazing in your wedding dress otherwise you will be dying to remove it the moment you say, “I do”.

You have eliminated other styles

We can’t even begin to tell you how many brides have found a wedding dress that is something she never thought to try on. Be open to taking suggestions from your entourage and your bridal stylist. You may be stuck on a certain style but the reason you aren’t falling in love with anything could be that you are not trying on different styles, colors, or fabrics. Don’t settle for a wedding gown ever! Especially if you haven’t gone out of your comfort zone with at least one wedding dress.


Not every bride has the same response to finding her wedding gown. You will know when you have found the right one. Sometimes it is just as simple as feeling beautiful in a pretty wedding dress. Are you still searching for the perfect wedding gown? Schedule an appointment with one of our bridal stylists today and let us help you find it!

Love Story: Tracey & Justin


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Nathalie & Jose, who were married December 3rd, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

Justin was working as a firefighter for Fort Lauderdale, and I an emergency room nurse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We were friends for 4 years before dating. Immediately we both felt this was something special from the beginning.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We were together a 1 ½ year before Justin popped the question. He was waiting for me to finish Grad school so that I wouldn’t be distracted.

How did he propose?

Justin and I had a favorite picnic spot in Tree Tops Park, after completing my final certification test for school Justin planned a picnic day for us to celebrate. As we walked to the spot I noticed a white blanket with rose petals, and our song “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett was playing. He led me over to our tree which he had engraved “Tracey Will You Marry Me” got down on one knee and popped the question. It was romantic, meaningful and perfect for us!


Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

The Addison in Boca Raton, we wanted to get married under the beautiful Banyon Trees there as a symbol from our engagement day.

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

The colors were blush & burgundy with a rustic romantic theme. We really wanted to celebrate love with a lot of natural wood/rustic elements.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?


Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

A trusted friend who was also our décor vendor recommended we visit the store. It was the best decision! The entire staff was incredible and it was actually Patty who picked out the dress I chose! She listened to the details and wanted and found the perfect dress

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

My experience was perfect. The staff makes you feel welcome, and truly listens to the vision you have for your wedding day. I would have never thought to try this dress on but I trusted Patty’s advice and gave it a shot. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it! It was everything I wanted and instantly felt like a Bride.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Marrying the love of my life. I feel grateful and blessed everyday that I was lucky enough to have found my soul mate in my best friend.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Enjoy even the smallest of details. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the planning but try to remember stay calm and just ENJOY!

Photos by  Donna Irene & Masson Liang


Love Story: Meresa & Eric


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Meresa & Eric, who were married December 16th, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

Eric and I met in the ER while working. Eric is a fire fighter paramedic and i am an emergency room nurse. It was a few months before we ran a 5k together (as just friends) and shortly after he asked me out on a date and I said yes. The rest was history.


How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for one year before he proposed.

How did he propose?

He took me to one of my favorite vacation spoke in the Keys, Hawks Kay, he proposed beach side. It was very sweet and romantic. We actually planned the trip together and the proposal was a complete surprise. Eric is really good at surprising me. He set up a little golf cart tour of the property so we could get great sunset photos and had it planned that our driver take “the picture” of him popping the question. After, he planned a romantic dinner at one of the hotel restaurants with after dinner drinks by a bon fire. Needless to say, I picked a good one!


Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We were married at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. We really wanted a destination wedding that wasn’t to far for all of our guests to attend. My wedding planner and sister both recommended the Omni. I did some research on the hotel, and fell absolutely in love. Eric and I actually never even saw it in person and grew attached to all of the amazing staff we had connected with via email. We booked the wedding through phone and email conversations a month before actually visiting the property. I have nothing but great things to say about every aspect of the plantation. It’s just such a breathtakingly romantic setting and everything we had hoped for. And really came to life through the most stunning pictures and whimsical feel.


What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

I choose gold, ivory/ white, natural greens and blues. My wedding designer and floral extraordinaire, Shea Hopely, really opened my eyes to this color pallet. I wanted romantic, elegant, vintage, whimsical with a little shabby chic. We wanted our guests to be able to feel the love we have for each other throughout our wedding weekend. And with that said shea and Our team at creative touch party design ( wedding planner) really helped our vision come to life by adding many small details and personal items.


Where did you go for your honeymoon?

The Maldives in South East Asia. We both love the tropics and our dream was to stay in a water hut, relax, and really enjoy each being newly married. After a 24 hour flight and two stops, we arrived to one of the most beautiful serene places I’ve ever laid my eyes on. We took a sea plane to a private resort and spa ( The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi) where we are some of the most amazing food and relaxed in the most tranquil spa I’ve ever been to. It was definitely a dream honeymoon and I was very happy with our choice.


Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

My friend Lindsey Swing recommended I go there to try on dresses and said I would not be disappointed. She wasn’t lying.

Shared your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

Every dress I tried on was beautiful in its own way, the staff was beyond helpful. I was so lucky to of found my dream dress, after only trying on 5 dresses. Wonderland was the only bridal shop I went to in search for my wedding gown and I’m really happy with my choice. I was specifically in love with the draping of the pearls and the soft lace, absolutely stunning and photographed very well. Thanks again!!


What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part of my wedding day was walking up to my ceremony. I felt like I was in a fairy tail, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. All of my best friends and family waiting for me to marry the man of my dreams, and my beautiful husband to be waiting for me to be beside him. Not to mention every single detail of my ceremony turned out exactly how I had envisioned. The chairs draped with eucalyptus, the violin and cellist playing bitter sweet symphony in the background, the amazingly lush florals all around me, the sunset gleaming through the huge banyan trees draped with Spanish moss. It was the most breathtaking moment of my entire life.


Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Make sure you have fun!! Though my groom really let me plan most everything, he had a few requests and i made sure he got them. I would highly recommend a wedding planner. Creative Touch Party Design was the best investment we made. I literally didn’t have to worry about anything because I knew her and her team would get it done and it would all be perfect!!


Photos by Brooke Images Photography


Please specify any that apply…

  1. Flowers: Shea Hopely
  2. Cake: Omni Hotel
  3. Catering: Omni Hotel
  4. Entertainment: String Theory, and White Tie Events
  5. Invitations: Smock Paper
  6. Wedding Planner: Jessica Weot with Creative Touch Party Design
  7. Hair: Studio Bride
  8. Make Up: Studio Bride
  9. Photographer: Brooke Images
  10. Videographer: 5 Star Production
  11. Decor: Shea Hopely

Love Story: Nathalie & Jose


We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Nathalie & Jose, who were married November 18th, 2017.


When and how did you meet?

We met at Florida Atlantic University through mutual friends as we were both studying business majors. Jose was Finance major and I was a Marketing major, this was back in 2009.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for 7 years before he finally popped the question on June 2016 at a beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley, California.  The name of the vineyard is V.Sattui Winery.

How did he propose?

In June 2016, we traveled to California for the Copa America (Soccer Cup of the Americas). We are both Colombian and the opening game was Colombia vs. USA, really great game. As part of our trip we decided to visit a few vineyards and we were granted a special tour of the vineyard since we had purchased a case (This was the reason given to me, little did I know he had spoken to the owner and mentioned the idea to propose). While taking a photo, he said look at the scenery and I looked once I turned around he was on his knees saying all these beautiful things and all I could say was Thank you. Hahaha pretty funny for everyone that was present.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We got married in Cali, Colombia where both of our families are from. We selected the place because of its rustic yet classy look. We wanted to stay away from enclosed ballrooms and give our guest the opportunity to see where we come from, the culture, etc. The church where the ceremony was held is the place where Jose did his Confirmation and where my matron of honor had her communion so it had some family ties. Church: Parroquia La Transfiguración del Señor Reception: Casa de Eventos Piedra Grande

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Our colors were Navy Blue and Blush. Blue is Jose’s favorite color and we wanted something rustic/vintage classy.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

A few days after the wedding we went to an Island called San Andres in Colombia.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

Wonderland Bridal had a great selection of dresses and the experience felt intimate. I had gone to other places in the Gables and it always felt so rushed and overwhelming. Wonderland Bridal allowed me to find my perfect dress.

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

The team at Wonderland Bridal was exceptional! From my first meeting Patty and CeCe treated me like family. They allowed me to try on as many dresses without feeling pressured and suggested other they thought I might like. Their goal was to get me in the dress I felt most comfortable and beautiful in. The women in my family are very opinionated which I love but that did not stop the Wonderland team from focusing on what was best for me. It was a super sweet and professional experience.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

There was a moment in the wedding when Jose and I looked at all our guest and felt so loved. Not only were we surrounded my so many people who loved us but we knew they all made a tremendous effort to share this moment with us as many of them had to travel to Colombia to be with us. It was really something very special to us.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Create a budget and stick to it as much as possible. As you get closer to your wedding there are so many little things that come up. During the planning process think about all the things you want to have and what both of you are willing to give up.

Photos by Rocha Fotografia

Please specify any that apply…

  1. Flowers: Eventos Piedra Grande @eventospiedragrandecali
  2. Cake: Eventos Piedra Grande @eventospiedragrandecali
  3. Catering: Eventos Piedra Grande @eventospiedragrandecali
  4. Entertainment: Pintura Fresca Orchestra
  5. Invitations:
  6. Wedding Planner: Angela Maria Silva
  7. Hair: Ivan Montano @ivamoangel
  8. Make Up: Ivan Montano @ivamoangel
  9. Photographer: Rocha Fotografia @Rochafotografia
  10. Videographer: Rocha Fotografia @Rochafotografia
  11. Decor: Eventos Piedra Grande @eventospiedragrandecali
  12. Other: Hora Loca: Edecanes

Love Story: Katie & James

Katie James'Wedding-566We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland bride to get her love story. Meet Katie & James, who were married November 17th, 2017.

Katie James'Wedding-250

When and how did you meet?

James and I met when I was home for spring break from college. A friend of mine invited me to the beach with a bunch of her friends and James and I went on a walk and got to know each other that day.

How long did you date before he popped the question?

We dated for 1 year and 3 months before James proposed.

How did he propose?

We were walking down Fort Lauderdale beach where we had one of our first dates. After a long walk, we came up to a heart in the sand that looked like it was deeply shoveled into the ground and rose petals all around and inside the heart. He took my hand and walked me inside the heart. James started to tell me some memories we had together and then he got down on one knee and proposed. After, my family and friends were all at the beach hiding out and came to surprise me. We ended our night celebrating with all of our family and friends.

Where were you married and how did you pick the place?

We got married at The Flamingo Gardens. We toured several venues but all I ever really wanted was an outside wedding with lights and trees all around us. Flamingo Gardens was beautiful during the day time but it was MAGICAL at night so we went for it!

What theme and/or colors have you chosen for your wedding and why?

Picking my colors was one of my favorite parts of planning our wedding! Mauve, ivory, gold accents, and greenery! I wanted my wedding to really have a garden/whimsical feel.

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” Ecclesiastes 4:12 was our theme Bible verse for our entire wedding. James and I agreed that our wedding day was more than the trees, the lights, and the colors. To us, the meaning of our marriage goes beyond just one day. During our ceremony we literally braided a three strand rope in the shape of a cross to symbolize the meaning of this verse. Our theme was and is to keep God at the center of our marriage.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We decided to bundle up and go to Asheville, NC during November and see the Fall leaves. Since we are from Florida and all.

Why did you chose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

The dress shopping experience at Wonderland was peaceful and stress-free. I always had in mind what kind of dress I wanted. Wonderland Bridal showed me dresses that matched what I had in mind and they were at such a reasonable price!

Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

I chose my dress during my first visit there! I really felt like the ladies at Wonderland knew my vision and understood what I was looking for. All the dresses I tried on were exactly what I wanted. They allowed me to take my time and made the experience of finally choosing my dress so special for me and my guests who were with me.

They were with me every step of the way especially since they helped with my Bridesmaids dresses as well. The Wonderland ladies really went above and beyond to make sure my girls and myself had everything we needed.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Where do I start? I had FUN from beginning to end!

If I had to choose though it would be the time spent with my husband during our first look. It really was the only “alone time” we had during our wedding and I loved it! Not to mention I cried like a baby.

Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

Yes! I know it’s hard to imagine BUT there IS life after wedding planning so don’t get so caught up in the details for one day that you forget marriage is more important than the wedding day. AND HAVE FUN! Things might not go as planned but just embrace the day and enjoy the people! 

Photos by Andrielle Photography


Please specify any that apply…

  1. Flowers: Petals and Stems – @petalsandstemsflorals (Facebook)
  2. Cake: The Cake Lady – www.thecakeladybakes.com
  3. Catering: Exquisite Catering
  4. Entertainment: DJ – Jayson Escalona Media (Insta: J.Escalona Media).
  5. Singer (Ceremony):  Josh Bramos www.joshbramos.com
  6. Invitations: Minted – @mintedweddings 
  7. Hair: Jackie Olivera
  8. Make Up: Nina Bradley
  9. Photographer: Andrielle Photography
  10. Videographer: None
  11. Decor: My Mom and I (we got a bunch of stuff off of Offerup.com for pretty cheap – and of course Etsy.com)