The Indecisive Bride's Guide to Finding her Dream Dress

The Indecisive Bride's Guide to Finding her Dream Dress

The Indecisive Bride's Guide to Finding her Dream Dress. Mobile Image
Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has that "ah, ha" moment when they find their wedding gown. For some brides finding "the one" made them or someone in their entourage cry. Unfortunately for other brides, it is the visit to 12 bridal salons and settling on one of 50 or more wedding gowns because they were waiting for that feeling that never came. Does this sound like you? Don't worry! You are not alone! Plenty of brides have difficulty finding what they are looking for. Here are a few tips to simplify your search:

Carefully select your entourage

Who you take shopping with you for your wedding gown is extremely important. You need to make sure that the people joining you on these shopping trips are not only giving you valuable feedback but are also supportive of your decisions. Avoid bringing too many people to your appointment. The more people around you, the more opinions you will hear. How do you exclude a close negative friend or family member without any drama or hard feelings? Skype or Face Time are really great tools. When you have found the dress you love, call your friend or family member or schedule an additional appointment for them to see the dress you chose in person.

Take pictures of only the top contenders

1st place award Don't flood the album on your phone with pics of dresses that you didn't love. The more pictures you go back to look at, the more confusing making your decision will be. If the bridal salon you go to does not allow you to take pictures, you will forget half of the dresses you tried on by the time you pull out of the parking lot. This becomes increasingly difficult when you have visited several stores where you were not allowed to take photos. (Psst! Wonderland Bridal allows you to take pictures!)

Speak up

[caption id="attachment_1912" align="aligncenter" width="319"]6176 AD3 - Stella York Photo Courtesy of Stella York[/caption] Tell your bridal consultant what you like and don't like. If you are trying on a silhouette you always imagined you would wear on your wedding day but feel like it's not quite right, say something! Maybe it is just a matter of adding or removing crinoline or trying on a slightly different style. Many brides have a specific idea of what they want but when they try it on, it's not giving them the WOW factor. Trust your consultant to choose gowns that you may not have otherwise considered.

Don't wait for the tears

Check it off All of these wedding shows, have brides who become emotional when they have found their wedding gown. Is this the reason why you haven't found yours? Do you want to feel the connection to your gown? You might have already had that feeling and missed it. At the end of your appointment, ask yourself these questions:
  • Did you try on a gown that made you feel amazing and you didn't want to take it off?
  • Did your entourage gasp and get emotional when you exited the fitting room?
  • Was it hard to wipe the smile off your face in this dress?
  • Did you find one you love but want to keep looking to make sure you didn't miss out on anything else?
  • Did any of the other gowns you tried on make you feel as excited as this one did?
  • Can you imagine yourself in this dress on your wedding day?
If you can say, "yes", to any of these questions, it could be a sign that you have found your wedding dress. Let Wonderland Bridal Couture help you find the wedding gown of your dreams! We are conveniently located in Margate: just steps away from Coral Springs and Coconut Creek in Broward County. Call us today!

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