Make Wedding Dress Shopping Easier

Make Wedding Dress Shopping Easier

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Pinterest and other social media are making bride's search for the perfect gown so much easier. They show you beautiful gowns and where to find them. Make your search easier by being prepared. If not, you could find yourself not enjoying the experience as much as you thought you would.

Schedule an appointment

Bridal stores are busy places on the weekends. Scheduling an appointment for a Saturday will ensure that you will not be asked to wait or to come back at another time. If you have a tight schedule, try shopping on a weekday. Most stores will have better availability during the week to accept brides without an appointment. It is also a good idea to call before you head over. You still want to be sure the store is able to assist you when you arrive.

Eat something before you begin shopping

food Brides are usually afraid of eating before an appointment because they feel that this will make dresses feel tighter and show a little more belly than she would want to see in her gown. What she doesn't consider is that she will be trying dresses on for an hour or more and doesn't want ruin her experience by feeling faint or have her hunger pangs be a distraction.

Arrive on time

Bridal appointments are set to make sure that each bride has an adequate amount of time to try on dresses. If a bride is late, she minimizes the time she has with her consultant or it can interfere with another bride who arrived to her appointment on time. Be sure to give yourself a few minutes extra to account for traffic and any misguided GPS directions. You want to be able to take your time and not rush through your appointment. If you find that you are lost, call the shop! They can usually give you landmarks or back roads that will make finding them faster and easier. They will also appreciate the notice that you are possibly running late.

Wear undergarments

bras When you go to a bridal store, the consultant is often times in the fitting room with you. They have seen women undressed many times before so there is no reason to be shy. If you are conservative, be sure to wear undergarments that cover anything you wouldn't want your consultant to see. Panties are a must! It is a good idea to wear simple nude or light colored undergarments so that no one can see the color through the gowns you are trying on. Also avoid anything with ruffles or thick panty lines that will bunch under the dress. Keep a strapless bra handy. They can give you a little support but are not always necessary. Bring one just in case and then once you have a gown on, you can determine whether that particular dress needs it or not.

Be open-minded

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Bridal Consultants have seen different body types and know which dresses look great on. Just because you don't love the look of a dress on the hanger, give it a chance if the consultant insists. It may just be the one. If you love a mermaid gown but Mom wants you to try on a ball gown, try one! Sometimes Mom knows best. If you still don't love it, at least she will feel like her opinion was important to you. Being prepared to try on wedding dresses can help you make the best of your appointment! Call us to schedule your's today! Wonderland Bridal is in Margate, conveniently located near Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, and Parkland in Broward County Florida.

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