Questions That Will Be Asked About Your Gown

Questions That Will Be Asked About Your Gown

Questions That Will Be Asked About Your Gown. Mobile Image
  Everyone wants to be involved when it comes to a bride choosing her wedding gown. You may even have to turn down a few friends or family members who volunteer to help you make your decision. Unfortunately you can't invite everyone to your appointment.Those who can't be there will naturally be curious as to the process and what your gown will look like. Here are just a few questions that you will be asked after purchasing your wedding gown: [caption id="attachment_1195" align="aligncenter" width="335"]6236.1449597559.0 Photo Courtesy of Stella York[/caption]   How much did it cost?  You may not want to answer this unless you got your dress for a steal and then you may want to brag about it to anyone and everyone. If you don't feel comfortable sharing this information with someone, a good way to not have to answer the question and not hurt anyone's feelings is to simply say that you are not discussing your wedding budget with anyone. Did you cry when you put it on?  In the age of wedding shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "I Found the Gown", brides are expected to feel emotional when they put their wedding gown on for the first time. Brides don't always cry or get overly emotional over choosing their wedding dresses. Did you know the moment you put it on? If you had a magical experience people will want to know. Can I see a picture? Some brides are so sublimely happy they will show everyone pictures of themselves in their dream gown. Casual acquaintances or co-workers may ask. If you don't feel comfortable showing them, it is perfectly acceptable to say that you are keeping your gown a secret. In fact, it could be a great idea. This way it is a big surprise to everyone when you walk down the aisle. [caption id="attachment_1201" align="aligncenter" width="335"]6194.1449597448.0 Photo Courtesy of Stella York[/caption] Are you wearing a veil? Maybe it is a question you never thought about. Depending on where you have your wedding you may opt not to wear one. We at Wonderland Bridal always recommend a veil. Even if you cannot imagine yourself in one, your photographer will have some really creative ideas on how incorporate a veil in your photos. The person who asks you this question may have one and are willing to let you borrow theirs. This could also be the question who sends you on a few more shopping trips to find the right one to compliment your gown. [caption id="attachment_1206" align="aligncenter" width="487"]EKveil2 Photo Courtesy of Erica Koelser[/caption] Still looking for that amazing wedding gown that will make everyone's heads turn? Come see us at Wonderland Bridal conveniently located in Margate near Coral Springs, Pompano, and Coconut Creek!

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