Unveiled: How to Choose your Bridal Veil.

Unveiled: How to Choose your Bridal Veil.

Unveiled: How to Choose your Bridal Veil.. Mobile Image

Traditionally veils have been the finishing touch to every bride's ensemble. There are so many lengths and styles to choose from. How do you know which is appropriate to wear with your gown? We will tell you how!

Choosing a Color

Your gown will determine what kind of veil you want to wear but the color of your veil should match your gown. If you are wearing an ivory dress, you should not wear a white veil. It will be too bright and dull the color of your gown. If you decide on one of the trendy colors such as a blush or champagne color with ivory appliques, you can wear a veil in the same color but we at Wonderland Bridal recommend that you wear ivory. It brightens your face and creates almost a halo in photographs. Blush or champagne veils tend to look a little darker. Also, once your wedding is over, it will be easier to sell or lend to someone else if it is in ivory.

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Picking a Design

Another thing to consider is lace, bling, or cut edge. If you have a lace gown the lace on the veil doesn't have to match but it should compliment it. Example: if your hem has scallops, find a veil with a similar scallop. Bling is great for any gown, however, you need to make sure the style of the beading on your veil doesn't clash with the beading on your gown. Pearls can soften the look of crystals on your veil. A cut-edge veil is simple tulle. There is no beading or lace and the edges are a cut-edge, hence the name. These veils are appropriate for any dress.

Here are just a few types of veils and how to wear them:

Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil is a small piece of netting or tulle attached to a comb or fascinator that just covers the face. These veils are mainly worn by brides for outdoor or for courthouse weddings. It turns a simple white or ivory dress into a bridal look. You would not want to wear a birdcage veil if you are wearing a fuller gown such as a ballgown as these types of veils tend to be a little informal.

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Fingertip Veil

If you want to wear a veil but still want don't want to hide the detail of the bottom of your dress than a fingertip veil is for you. This veil is the perfect way to look like a bride without sacrificing the appearance of the back of your wedding gown. The latest trend in bridal is an illusion train. If your veil is too long, you could miss all of the details in your gown.

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Mantilla Veil

For brides looking for a little bit of tradition a mantilla is great. These veils sit on a comb called a peineta over the top of a bride's head and falls over the shoulders. A mantilla which is trimmed with lace is a great choice for the bride who wants a vintage look.

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Cathedral Veils

Gaining popularity Cathedral Veils can come in a variety of designs. They can be trimmed with lace, beading, or nothing at all. Wearing a cathedral veil used to be reserved for brides having a church wedding. This is no longer the case. If a bride has a short train, a cathedral veil is the perfect way to add a trailing detail. Do you have a grand ball gown and want a simple cut-edge veil? Make it fancier by ordering one in cathedral length. You can also order it with extra layers or add a ribbon edge to make it flutter.

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There are so many style veils to choose from. If you need help finding the perfect one, look no further! Wonderland Bridal has a gorgeous selection of Erica Koesler and Edward Berger Veils that are guaranteed to compliment any wedding gown and fit every budget. Some of these veils are customizable as well. Schedule your styling appointment with us today!

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