Go Strapless!

Go Strapless!

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From time to time we have brides that see us and have one request: coverage like straps or sleeves are must. After some careful digging we find that their reasons are not because of the aesthetics, but because they or someone they know thought that they needed them to avoid having to pull their dresses up all night or use them to hide something that is easily fixable. Many of the popular styles of wedding dresses these days are strapless. Why is that, you ask? Strapless dresses are universally flattering: they are youthful, elongate the neck, give the bride the free range motion of her arms and shoulders, and give the modest bride a little sex appeal.


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If a bride is busty then adding straps or some additional coverage may make a dress more comfortable, but having coverage is not always necessary. Alterations when done properly, will keep a bride's bust firmly in place. The bride must allow the seamstress to make the dress fitted without being too tight. There are some fabrics that stretch over time and will gape or slip down as the day or night wears on if the gown is not fitted. If you are used to wearing looser fabrics this might be a little bit of an adjustment, but very necessary. Boning is also a very important part of a strapless gown. It holds everything in place and gives your breasts a shape that compliments your gown. Many dresses come with built in corsets that will often render a bra useless.


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Another complaint we hear is that spillage of the skin from the bride's back or underarms seems to fold over the gown. There are a few reasons that you may see this. The first reason is the cleavage was not adjusted properly. When this is done it minimizes the fold over skin on the back a great deal. The second reason could be that the bust was ordered in a size that was too small. Even though it is possible to take fabric out of the sides of the dress to make it a bit bigger, the cup size still stays the same. The bridal store may require you to order a size gown to accommodate your bust size which could be a size bigger than the waist and hip measurements. The third and final reason is that maybe the bride is wearing a bra. This can cause the seamstress to have to make the gown tighter on the sides to account for the gap between the breasts. Simply forgoing a bra can remove the need for this.


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Lastly, some brides are worried about their tattoos. While many want to show them off, some may opt to be a little more conservative on their wedding day. Maybe Mom doesn't know about the tattoo you got on Spring Break in College. Wink! There are plenty of concealers and cover ups you can buy on the market.

Try on several gowns strapless and with sleeves or straps. If any of the above reasons are causing you to eliminate the most potentially perfect gown, talk to your consultant.  Have no regrets! This is one of the most important days to look and feel your best. Don't settle for a gown that is not all that you dreamed of.

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