Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

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You had the wedding of your dreams, danced all night, and made memories that will last a lifetime. By the end of the night the dress looks like you enjoyed your wedding immensely and is dirty with stains on it. Whether you decided to save your gown for your daughter, intend to sell it, or haven't even decided what you want to do with it, your gown should be cleaned to prevent further damage. Who do you trust to do that for you? Do you go to the neighborhood dry cleaner?

Wonderland Bridal understands that a wedding gown is something that is carefully selected and is a very sentimental purchase. It is not a cotton shirt that can be thrown into the washing machine. That is why we have partnered up with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company.


The Wedding Gown Preservation Company is New York based company that has been in business for over 100 years and is a third-generation family owned business. New York is is the fashion capital of the United States and home to many elite model agencies and  has a reputation for turning out many family fashion businesses since the industrial era. This company uses their high standards and experience to make sure each and every gown is carefully preserved.

What can you expect from us

You can purchase the wedding gown preservation kit here at Wonderland Bridal Couture. We will process your gown and ship it for you. Once the Wedding Gown Preservation Company receives your gown they will inspect, clean, repair, and box your gown with a 100 year guarantee. Special personalization options can be added for an additional charge. When your gown is ready they will ship it to wherever you have designated. You will receive an email from us documenting when the gown was accepted by them and another when it is sent back to you. The entire process takes anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks. We have a few brides who have already received their gowns back and are extremely satisfied with the results.


Let us help you make your gown look as good as new! Contact Wonderland Bridal for details!

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