Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....and a what?

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....and a what?

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....and a what?. Mobile Image

For good luck on their wedding day, many brides have followed the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on their wedding day. How did this become a tradition and how can you incorporate this into your own wedding day? We will cover all of this in today's blog.


This rhyme is often recited as the four somethings, but did you know there were actually 5? The saying goes, "Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe." This rhyme appears to originate in England, when it was published in a 1898 compilation of English folklore.

Something Olde

The something old part of the rhyme is used to represent the brides past and family. Some brides will wear an old family heirloom. If that is not something you feel will match your dress, here are a few ways you can incorporate something old into your wedding wardrobe....

Wear a vintage wedding dress! Maybe your mother or other family member wore a classic and timeless gown and it was well preserved. These gowns tend to be fragile. Make sure you take it to a seamstress who is experienced in handling vintage fabrics. If the dress is out of fashion or not your style, you can incorporate accents from the vintage gown onto your own or maybe a patch of the fabric sewn into a heart onto the inside of your gown. Our bride Tori Adamson attached sleeves from her mother's wedding gown onto her own strapless Stella York gown.

Tori #1

Photo credit Tori Adamson and J.B. Photography

You can also wear an old brooch or earrings as unique hair accessories or in your bouquet.

Is there a perfume scent that you wear that drives your significant other wild? Wear it! Nothing sparks romance like a scent bringing back memories of a first date.

If someone beloved has passed away, you can honor them by wearing a locket around your neck or on your bouquet with their picture in it.

Something New

Wearing something new on your big day symbolizes the new life ahead for the bride.

Finding something new is really easy. You can wear anything such as new shoes, jewelry, or veil. Most brides will wear a new gown. Even if a bride is looking for a vintage look, she can find a brand new gown that has classic elements like lace. Stella York has many beautiful gowns to choose from and they can all be found at Wonderland Bridal Couture.

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Something Borrowed

Traditionally Something Borrowed should be something borrowed from a happily married bride. It symbolizes the bride's happiness. In the United States, something borrowed can be something from someone you love or who makes you happy. Before your wedding day, many people will offer to lend you something as part of your something borrowed. Sometimes your something old can be something borrowed. The most commonly accepted items are accessories.

If you are shy about asking for a particular item you want to borrow for your wedding day, don't be. The person you approach may be honored to have been asked. Just be sure that you give whatever you borrowed back in the same condition which it was given to you.

Something Blue

Blue is the color of purity. This color is often associated with the Virgin Mary. Brides wear blue to symbolize the purity of the love between the couple getting married.

There are so many ways to add blue to your wedding wardrobe. The garter is the blue item most commonly worn by brides. If you don't plan to wear a garter, you can wear any of the following:

-jewelry with blue stones or accents.

-You can tie a blue sash to your wedding gown.

-Colored shoes other than ivory or white are all the rage. Why not make them blue? Many designers have the option of blue bridal shoes.

-If you are adding crinoline to your dress, you can have a peek of blue that will show when you dance or sit down.

peekaboo blue crinoline

Silver Sixpence 

The sixpence is a British coin which was made of silver until 1947. American's typically do not observe this tradition. The sixpence was used as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If this is something you wanted to include in your wedding, you could have a coin taped or glued to the bottom of your shoe. Since neither the idea of having a coin inside your shoe nor on the bottom of it sound very comfortable, this may be the reason this last part of the rhyme was left out.


Whatever you plan to wear for your wedding make sure that you are wearing things that make you happy. When you look at your wedding album 30 years from now, you want to still be in love with everything you wore. If you are still looking for the perfect wedding gown or bridal accessories to wear on your big day, call us! We would love to help you find them.

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