5 Myths about Wedding Gown Shopping

5 Myths about Wedding Gown Shopping

5 Myths about Wedding Gown Shopping. Mobile Image

Following an engagement, the first thing most brides want to do is start looking for her dream gown. Here are 5 misconceptions brides should know before she begins her search.

MYTH #5 I have plenty of time to shop for my wedding gown.

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The average delivery time for a wedding gown is 5-6 months. Depending on how many alterations you may want to make, you need to add at least 6 weeks. This entire process takes about 8 months. While some stores offer rush shipping or off- the-rack styles, you dont want to have to settle for a gown because you ran out of time. Wedding dress shopping should be fun and stress free.

MYTH #4  I want to lose weight before I order my gown.

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To err on the side of caution, order your current size or if you are in between sizes, you can order the smaller size. Then when you lose the weight, the gown can be taken in. You dont want to wait too long to order your gown only to discover that it has been discontinued.

MYTH #3 I don't want to buy the first gown I fell in love with.

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When you are in love, there is no need to look anywhere else. Sometimes we find that brides are having too much fun with the shopping experience and want to keep looking. Which lets face it, is really fun.  A bride runs the risk of becoming overwhelmed if she tries on too many dresses. Another reason a bride might look elsewhere is because she is not ready to make the commitment. When this happens, the bride may doubt her choice and continue looking. When your love proposed, you didnt continue looking. You said, yes. Its ok to do the same for your dress.

MYTH #2 Wouldnt it be cheaper to rent a wedding gown?

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The benefit of renting a wedding gown is that you can wear a designer wedding gown for a very affordable price. The rental fee isnt the only cost associated with this, however. You may also need to make a deposit. Much like when you rent a car, if there are severe damages made to the dress, there goes your deposit. You want to have fun and be carefree at your wedding. You dont want to have to worry about the dress being ruined or rushing to return your dress to avoid a possible late fee. It could end up costing just as much as a brand new wedding gown. Besides, a trashed dress is a sign that a bride thoroughly enjoyed her wedding.

#1 MYTH I didn't get that feeling. It's not the one!

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If you have ever seen the bridal shows on T.V. you will notice that the bride gets emotional and cries when she finds, the one. You have tried on 100 dresses but you havent shed a tear and havent felt like you have had that moment that everyone describes when they find their gown. Not everyone has the same experience.  There was the one gown that made your complete entourage cry and made you feel beautiful. Even though you are a big cry baby, you didnt get emotional. Dont doubt yourself and lose faith in your search! We have seen many a bride in panic-mode because they have been searching for months and still have not had that feeling. Consider these three things; if it makes you feel beautiful, your entourage loves it, and it fits your venue, look no further! This is the one.

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