What Color Wedding Dress are you Wearing for your Big Day?

What Color Wedding Dress are you Wearing for your Big Day?

What Color Wedding Dress are you Wearing for your Big Day?. Mobile Image

As part of the interview process here at Wonderland Bridal, we ask a lot of questions pertaining to the brides taste and style among other things. One of the questions that some brides are often baffled by is, "what color do you want to wear?" Traditionally brides have worn white. Many don't know that they have options. We teach them how to choose the best color to suit their preference, venue, and color palate by giving them details as to what is trending and why.


White is traditional. Our mothers wore white wedding dresses and her mother before our's. How did the tradition start?

In Western Society prior to 1840, brides would wear their Sunday's finest to get married. They wore their nicest dress which sometimes had floral patterns or was a dark color. That year Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg. There was a white lace fabric she was fond of and had her wedding dress made from it. Society photos were taken and suddenly everyone wanted to get married in white. As time went by people assumed that a bride who wore white to her wedding meant that she was pure as this color symbolized virginity.



While all of Stella York's wedding gowns come in white, ivory has replaced white as the most popular color of wedding gowns ordered. When you look at the bridal magazines, it may appear a bride is wearing white when she is actually wearing ivory. While there isn't a fun story about how the trend was started, this color was often worn by brides for their second wedding.


White vs. Ivory Debate

While white is still worn by brides who have been dreaming about the white wedding gown since they were little girls, many are turning to ivory.

White is not always flattering on lighter skin tones, dirt and stains become more prominent, and may dull a bride's smile. Rhinestones may not sparkle as much on a white gown due to the silver backing. It may even give the beaded area a brownish hue.

Ivory is couture. In some fabrics, no one will be able to tell you are not wearing white. Although in satin or taffeta, ivory may take on a yellow tone. This is unmistakably not white.


When you walk into a hardware store and are looking for white paint, you will notice many hues of white. Some have traces of blush, gold, and even silver. The latest trends in color reflect these warmer tones. In order to soften those looks, many designers add ivory appliques, overlays, or underlays in different fabrics.  These gowns often add character to a vintage or romantic wedding theme and make lace or appliques look three dimensional.  If a bride still isn't sold on color, she can opt for colored accessories such as a sash that will compliment her wedding's color scheme.


In some Eastern civilizations, white is seen as the color of mourning and bright colors such as red are worn by brides.

There really is no right or wrong color to wear on your wedding day. Many style icons have opted for other colors as well. Sarah Jessica Parker from the much loved television show, "Sex and the City," wore black to her wedding with actor Matthew Broderick and Actress Jessica Beal wore a pink  organza gown to her wedding with Singer/Actor Justin Timberlake.

Sarah Jessica ParkerJessica Biel

What ever your choice in color, you must absolutely love your gown. Wonderland Bridal has an amazing collection of Stella York Gowns in a variety of colors that will make you swoon. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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