Too Good to be True: Counterfeit Wedding Dresses

Too Good to be True: Counterfeit Wedding Dresses

Too Good to be True: Counterfeit Wedding Dresses. Mobile Image

The cost of weddings can add up very quickly. One of the most expensive items you will purchase for your big day is your wedding dress. The focus will be on you and how beautiful you will look.  Your gown needs to be just as stunning as you are.

A bride wants to be sure she is getting the best her budget will allow. Unfortunately there are websites that are trying to capitalize on this by offering designer gowns at way below what the designers are actually selling them for but are far from the same quality. What is worse is that sometimes your dress will arrive very close to the wedding date leaving you financially depleted and scrambling to find another gown at the last minute. Instead of saving money, a bride will find herself exceeding the original budget for her gown.

Here are some things you need to be aware of when ordering your wedding gown online or even bridesmaids gowns for that matter.

Authorized Retailers

Stella York does not authorize the sale of their gowns on any website. Only authorized retailers are allowed to use their copy written images to promote the sales of their wedding gowns. When you are looking at a counterfeit website, you will notice that the pictures of the gowns they sell online are often mismatched with completely different models and style of backgrounds. This is because the website is selling their gowns using the photographs of different designers without permission. Also, if the website is not listed as an authorized retailer on the Designer's website, they are likely selling counterfeit gowns. These counterfeit dealers are also on Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, and E-bay. Check the reviews on the person or company listing the merchandise as well.


Pay close attention to the website information and ask yourself these questions!

Are there a lot of misspellings and grammatical errors? Authentic designers are constantly working to have these counterfeit websites shut down so the web designers don't take the care to correct these errors since they know the site may not be up very long.

Can you verify their contact information? Take the time to call the company or look up the address on Google Maps. A company selling counterfeit merchandise doesn't use their correct address or even a working phone number since they dont want to be found. 


When you come across a website selling designer wedding gowns at a huge discount you might think that you are getting a great deal. Just remember, if it's too good too be true it probably is. Stella York makes their gowns using fine fabrics, laces, and crystals. Some of the prices on these sites wouldn't even cover the cost to manufacture them.

 What you can expect to receive instead of your designer gown

Many brides who have fallen prey to these websites have complained that the dress is nothing like the one advertised. The embroidery looks cheap and instead of Australian crystals you will find plastic beads and large silver sequins. The shape and size can be wrong and the color will be off.


                                  Original Sample                                                              Counterfeit Gown

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When a bride is on a budget she has many alternatives. Wonderland Bridal has a modest selection of dresses on consignment and a gorgeous selection of Sorella Vita bridesmaid gowns that are able to be ordered in white and ivory. When a jeweled sash or other accessories are added, no one will be able to tell that her dress is not a wedding gown.

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