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Ashley & Dee


Wedding date: May 17, 2024


Venue: The Downtown Warehouse Concord, NC


Photographer: Emily Mathewson


Tell us about your experience at Wonderland Bridal: Goodness where do I begin?! I think before I even arrived at wonderland my subconscious knew I would find my dream dress at Wonderland Bridal but my rational mind told me not to get my hopes up. When I arrived Patti and her team greeted my family and I with so much warmth and enthusiasm. I showed Patti some pictures of what I gravitated towards but told her I hadn’t tried anything like my inspiration on quite yet. She grabbed a few dresses, 3 if I am not mistaken and the first two were beautiful but not it. The third dress was one I didn’t think much of on the rack but I had faith in Patti. She had it halfway on me and I had goosebumps from my head to my toes. I said “Patti this is My dress”. By the time I was fully buttoned up I had tears welting in my eyes. There was no need to look any further. I felt like the bride I’d always dreamt of. Patti saw the vision I couldn’t even articulate. When I showed my family the dress there was no question in anyone’s mind. That dress was made for me and I for it. We all celebrated, laughed and cried a little bit. It was such a fun and heart warming experience. Patti and her team made me feel so comfortable, confident, beautiful and honestly if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing.


Tell us about your wedding!: Our wedding was a dream! Romantic, intimate, fun, surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends. We danced all night long. Our guests enjoyed food, music, hand written letters at each of their seats, a water color artist, a photobooth and a cold spark exit. We worked so hard with the details, even being our own florist and designer. The signage, menus, invites, everything basically was made by us or a vision we created and asked the wonderful world of Etsy to help with. Our venue is an old hardware supply house that has been restored to be a wedding venue. Full of old wood floors, exposed wood beams and distressed brick. We wanted to keep our decor in line with the aesthetic as we adored the charm so we antiqued and thrifted for nearly 18 months to curate all of the brass bases and brass candle sticks. We are over the moon and feel so humbled and blessed and loved!