Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends

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We’re always covering the latest and greatest bridal trends on the Wonderland blog, and today we’re covering bridal hair and makeup trends of 2017-2018! So, what are brides pinning and bringing to life this season in the beauty industry?

  1. Simplicity

Now more than ever, brides want to look less done up, and more like themselves. An “amped up version of themselves”, if you will. A classic bun, whether it be high up on your head or lower down on your head is what we’re hearing a lot more brides doing. Keep it simple and keep it classy.


  1. Baby’s Breath and Flower Embellishments

It’s sad for us to report that flower crowns are officially out. As much as we loved the flower crown trend over the summer, it’s not a trend that will be making an appearance in the upcoming bridal season. Replace flower crowns with baby’s breath or other flower embellishments instead.


  1.  Tousled Waves & Boho Braids

Just because flower crowns are out, doesn’t mean we can’t still get our boho on. So, what is a tousled wave? Think Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively hair. Effortless looking waves that bring body and volume to a bride’s hair all day long. This is a great trend for brides. Bridesmaids traditionally love to throw a braid or two in their hair. Whether it be a fishtail braid, french braid or small braids throughout tousled hair, braids will never go out of style.



  1. Glow

Brides naturally glow on their wedding day, but we’re seeing more and more “dewy brides” thanks to the latest and greatest beauty hacks and trends emerging out there. Not only does a dewy look plump hydrated skin it’s also a marked sign of youth—something we all want. 


  1. Highlighter

With every dewy bride comes a love for highlighting. Take those rose-flushed cheeks to the next level with a touch of highlighter to complete your bridal look. Highlighter brings an automatic “Instagram filter” to your face, and who doesn’t want that? Our favorite highlighter comes from Anastasia Beverly Hills



  1. Nude Lips

Spring/summer was all about bold pops of color, but as we enter into the fall/winter wedding season, we’re hearing more and more brides opting for a nude lip! Originally, a nude lip was applied to downplay bigger makeup moments like a smoky eye or lengthy lashes, but nude is taking center stage this season.


We cover a lot of topics on the Wonderland blog and today, we stepped a little bit out of our comfort zone, but not without some help from Gizella of GEMakeup Artistry and Hair. Our bridal stylists and brides have been working with Gizella for about 3 years now, and it’s safe to say she knows her stuff!


GEMakeup Artistry and Hair offers on site makeup/hair services for any special occasion, so we knew Gizella was just the person to interview. Here’s what she had to say about the latest and greatest makeup trends of the season. 

“This past year has been all about the fresh, dewy skin and soft smoky eyes. The colors most commonly asked to be included in brides color palette was a light champagne for the lid and a burgundy hue for the crease. Most common photos shown were that of Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr and of course Carrie Underwood.” – Gizella, GEMakeup Artistry and Hair. 
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