Love Story: Rose & Andrew

We sat down with another beautiful Wonderland Bride to get her love story.

Meet Rose and Andrew, who were married on December 29th at the Old Davie School Historical Museum in Davie, Florida.

Rose and Andrew met when they were 15 and 18 years old. They lived 6 hours away from each other but were part of the same state-wide youth organization. They would see each other at different competitions and events all over the state of Florida. “I thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen”, Rose recalls. However, Andrew was not at all interested. He eventually warmed up to Rose (obviously!) and they became friends. She had a huge crush on him but it wasn’t until after Andrew graduated High School that he noticed her. They began their long distance romance with Rose being at college in West Palm Beach and Andrew at University of Florida. Their love blossomed over lots of praying and tons of FaceTime calls. “I feel like I sort of always knew he was the one. He was/is simply the best person I have ever known”, Rose says.

Rose and Andrew dated for three and a half years before he proposed. After coming home from a long trip, Andrew took Rose on a picnic to a rooftop in Palm Beach Island which holds a special place in their hearts. Suddenly, their song “The Love That We’ve Made” began playing and Andrew was down on one knee. With a photographer ready to capture the moment, Andrew proposed to Rose. “He even made sure that my dress matched his proposal set up. He’s literally the best”, Rose recalls.

Their wedding took place at the Old Davie School Historical Museum in Davie, Florida. The couple’s neighbors are involved in running the museum and Rose actually used to volunteer there. She knew she wanted an outdoor ceremony but definitely an indoor reception (because you know, South Florida.) The couple found the venue to be absolutely gorgeous! Especially all the natural light in the reception area. They opted for a brunch wedding which turned out amazing. Waffles, donuts, bacon, eggs, the works. The donut wall and a build-your-own waffle station was a hit. Everyone loved it! The general feel of the wedding was romantic with a tinge of boho. All the colors and flowers used were very light and neutral with a ton of green and white. They used a macrame weaving for the wedding arch and lots of DIY projects which involved family and friends. Everything came together seamlessly. “Who says a wedding on a budget has to LOOK like one?”, says Rose, and we totally agree! We simply love the light, airy and whimsical feel.

WB: Why did you choose Wonderland Bridal for your dream dress?

RH: I had tried a few different places, but one of my friends had used Wonderland for her dress and had great recommendations. So I really wanted to try it!

WB: Share your experience about your time with Wonderland Bridal.

RH: It was by far the best experience I had in the search for my dress! I had gone to 3 other boutiques and was very dissatisfied with the quality and selection of dresses. I pretty much liked everything I tried on at Wonderland, but there was one that I just ended up loving! And everyone was so helpful and didn’t pressure me at all. They listened to what my vision was for my dress and were considerate of my price range. I could not have had a better experience

WB: What was the best part of your wedding day?

RH: Leaving? Honestly the whole event was perfect but I don’t think there’s anything quite like leaving your wedding knowing that you married the love of your life and that you’re about to start life together. To be honest, every day with Andrew just keeps getting better.

WB: Any advice to future couples currently planning a wedding?

RH:  Having God at the center of your relationship is so key! Sacrifice for each other, forgive each other and realize that marriage isn’t about making yourself happy. It’s about two people coming together who are more focused on serving each other than they are on serving themselves. And loving Jesus before all else is super important for us.







Vendor Team:

  1. Wedding Gown: Sincerity Bridal  from Wonderland Bridal
  2. Flowers: My mom 🙂
  3. Cake: Publix
  4. Catering: Flashback Diner
  5. Photographer: Rachel Fosbenner