I’m Going to be a Mom…and a Bridesmaid!

With Bridal season in full swing we are noticing a lot more pregnant bridesmaids than in recent years. Both being pregnant and a bridesmaid can complicate the bridesmaid dress buying process but Wonderland Bridal is here to help! There are plenty of ways to accommodate the mama-to-be. First thing’s first, celebrate the bundle of joy you are expecting or be excited about planning your growing family. Next, read below to see how you can be happy and still be there for your bride.

Baby bump

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Bride I’m Pregnant

We don’t like hearing this, ever, yet we hear it so often. Give the bride the chance to be happy for you. This is your life and it doesn’t stop because someone else is getting married. At the same time, you need to understand that this may be the most important day of the bride’s life and not sharing this information can really hurt your relationship with her. She is paying for things like flowers and gifts for the bridal party and if you don’t think you will be able to participate in the wedding, this should be communicated to the bride right away.


How do I choose a style?

Once you have shared your blessing with the bride, ask her about the aesthetic she is going for. Does she want everyone in the same bridesmaid dress or is everyone allowed to choose their own style. Your bride will want you to look just as beautiful as all of her other bridesmaids so no doubt she will choose something that will accommodate your growing belly.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses ask your stylist for recommendations. Let them know how far along you will be or hope to be when the wedding arrives. If this something you want to keep private maybe ask the bride to go shopping with you separately so that you can ask your stylist all of the questions you have before returning with the rest of the bridesmaids.

How will I know what size to order?

There will be a lot of guessing between you and your stylist about which size you will need and how extensive alterations could be. If you are wearing a more fitted bridesmaid dress you will need to order a few sizes larger. Our Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses take approximately 3-4 months to arrive. There is a rush option but  be aware there are usually costs associated with this. The best option is to order your bridesmaid dress with a rush since you will have a better idea of what your size will be closer to the wedding date. Also, there is no science to knowing what size you will be when the bridesmaid dress arrives so this is a decision you will need to make carefully.

1-5 Months Pregnant at the wedding

We recommend ordering 2-3 sizes up from your current measurements. Avoid a style with a thick waist band or fitted skirt. Sorella Vita has plenty of styles to choose from that are fitted on the top with a natural waistline and flowing skirt to flatter your silhouette.


6-8 Months Pregnant at the wedding

For a later term pregnancy we recommend that you consider a bridesmaid dress with a higher waistline and order 2-4 sizes up from your measurement the date the order is placed.


Post Pregnancy

If the wedding plans are starting way ahead of time but you will be late term by the time all of the bridesmaids are placing their order, we recommend having your measurements taken as soon as possible. Is this your first pregnancy? You know how quickly/slowly you will return to your regular size. If you are unsure we recommend going one size up just in case. You don’t need the added stress of not fitting into your bridesmaid dress because it is too small or trying to lose weight to fit into it.

Neutral BM

Make your trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid be as stress free as possible. Enjoy your pregnancy and all of the fun that comes with being a bridesmaid. Make your appointment with us at Wonderland Bridal and let us help you find the right style for you!