5 Major Signs you Know you’ve Found the “One”

The first thing a lot of brides want to do after getting engaged is search for their wedding gown. The bride always cries when finding her wedding dress in a movie or on one of the wedding shows we are so obsessed with. Sometimes there are tears involved but if you don’t get emotional, how can you tell if the dress you love is the “one”?


The dress checks all of your boxes

Some brides have been pinning their weddings since way before they got engaged. They just know everything that they are looking for. If you are still unsure about what you want, ask yourself these questions:

Does this dress make me feel beautiful?

Is there anything about this wedding dress I don’t like?

Can I imagine wearing this wedding gown on my special day?

Does it work with my venue?

Am I happy with the color?

Do I love it?

Will leaving the store without buying my wedding gown give me anxiety?

If you said, “yes” to any of these questions, this is a great indication that you have found your dream wedding dress.


You compare this dress to everything else you try on

When you have found “the one” every wedding dress you put on afterwards will not compare. You will find that another wedding gown may have parts that you love or is missing that crucial detail that made you fall in love with the other dress. You may even decide to stop trying dresses on in the middle of your appointment because nothing else has given you the feels the way the last one did.


You chose it for all of the right reasons

Did your fiance tell you they wanted to see you in a ballgown instead of a mermaid gown like you imagined? Is Mom also weeping at the sight of you in a ballgown but you always envisioned yourself in a mermaid wedding dress? Don’t just decide on a dress to make anyone else happy. It’s ok to want them to like your wedding gown, but they will love you in anything you wear. You want to look at your wedding photos in 30 years and remember how much you loved your wedding gown.

Also, sometimes you can get a sweet deal on a wedding gown that is too hard to pass up. Buying a wedding dress just because it fits your budget is a big no-no. You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse on something that is on final sale. The most important reason to buy your wedding gown is because you love it.

You feel great in it

Most Wedding gowns are made of more fabric and are more structured than your day-to-day wear. You need to feel amazing in your wedding dress otherwise you will be dying to remove it the moment you say, “I do”.

You have eliminated other styles

We can’t even begin to tell you how many brides have found a wedding dress that is something she never thought to try on. Be open to taking suggestions from your entourage and your bridal stylist. You may be stuck on a certain style but the reason you aren’t falling in love with anything could be that you are not trying on different styles, colors, or fabrics. Don’t settle for a wedding gown ever! Especially if you haven’t gone out of your comfort zone with at least one wedding dress.


Not every bride has the same response to finding her wedding gown. You will know when you have found the right one. Sometimes it is just as simple as feeling beautiful in a pretty wedding dress. Are you still searching for the perfect wedding gown? Schedule an appointment with one of our bridal stylists today and let us help you find it!

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